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    I'm 35, live in northern CA. I've been an avid gamer since I was little and have never slowed down
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    Gaming, being rad
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  1. New to TAG here

    That's cool. I was also thinking of picking up Forza. I'm in Rohnert park. Where are you?
  2. Overwatch Roll Call

    That's what I'm here for
  3. Overwatch Roll Call

    I'm a Mercy main but I'm decent with junket, symmetra and lucio.
  4. Overwatch Master List

    Can you guys add my GT to the list? Xbox: CYL0N thank you
  5. New to TAG here

    Awesome. Thank you :)
  6. Will there be an Overwatch Night?

    Hey all, I just signed up here and wanted to throw my name into the thread for Overwatch. I'm playing this game like it's going out of style and need to find some chums to play with. My GT is CYL0N
  7. New to TAG here

    Thanks, man. I'm just going over all the intro threads now and getting familiar with the site. Do you guys have an Overwatch thread I could add my name to?
  8. New to TAG here

    Hello! I just signed up to the site. My name is Michael and I live in Northern California. im currently playing a lot of Overwatch right now and was looking online for a cool group of gamers to add to my list and play online with. I'm on Xbox and my GT is CYL0N. Feel free to add me.