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    I am a 27 year old gamer.
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  1. Overwatch Master List

    I am on PC Overwatch Bulvine#11848
  2. awesome thanks @Zenlizard. I have been in the server and making the most out of the extra xp to power level and get a little base up and running. My in game name is Bulvine and im the Norsemen tribe. its just me. Thanks for all the info. its a pain finding a decent ark server to play on haha
  3. awesome thanks for the info. i think i actually tried to enter that server once before; awhile back, and it wasn't available. Like the server must have been down at the time. ill have to check it out tho!
  4. not a prob. Thanks much. ill look around for another server then in the meantime.
  5. Overwatch PC

    im like lvl 76 and in competition im always gold or silver tier. right now low silver tier lol
  6. thats exactly what i am looking for! primitive plus on the center map. thats great! Ark is that kind of game that can become a job if you aren't careful XD whats the server name? or ip? @Zenlizard I don't need to be in your tribe or anything thats fine. At least I will be in a server with an ally ya know. the hardest part in Ark is starting out
  7. TNT intro

    haha XD awesome. thanks everyone!
  8. TNT intro

    thanks @BDaddyK I look forward to being an active member here for the pc scene
  9. TNT intro

    Hello TAG community. I just joined the other day. Im a 27 yr old gamer. Its awesome to see a decent community like this one. I game regularly when i am not at work, with gf or watching the kid. I am a pc gamer. overwatch, titanfall 2, battlefield 1, mount and blade, RTS, etc. I also am a huge survival genre fan. let me know if anyone wants to team up on any of these genres of games.
  10. Server: Center World [PvE]

    this server still up? im looking into getting back into ark. @Nubelite
  11. anyone still playing ark? im looking to get back into it @Kwahn
  12. Overwatch PC

    @JustCallMeTip22 @CaptainToay43 feel free to add me on my id is : Bulvine#11848
  13. Overwatch PC

    Bulvine#11848 I play avidly and I am a pretty good player.
  14. You guys still active in OW

    I play Overwatch on pc Avidly. Add Bulvine on and we can play. I'm pretty good at the game.
  15. Ghost Recon: Wildlands

    I have it on STEAM. its a good game but I couldn't really stay into it.