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  1. How to Trigger Heroic Public Events

    Hope everyone finds the following info useful. I did. The public events can be one of the most rewarding aspects of this game, from a power-leveling perspective. During each of the public events, you can fulfill certain criteria to turn the public event into a "Heroic" Public Event. Why would you want to do this? Because the Heroic version of the public event has a notably higher chance to drop Powerful Gear (gear that decrypts above 265 light) and especially exotic engrams. I've gotten four so far and my playtime has been pretty limited. So, if you're off doing quests or just exploring the world of Destiny 2, here's how you trigger the "Heroic" version of every public event. This video links to a YouTube video by Datto, if you're more of a visual learner. If not, read on. Taken from Forbes: Glimmer Extraction Event – This one is easy to miss. At each of the three locations where bad guys are dropped, there’s a little machine on the ground. Shoot it (if it’s taking damage, it’s the right thing) until it blows up, and do that at all three locations. The toughest part of this is killing the thing before your trigger-happy teammates burst down all the marked bad guys. If you do so, you’ll have to defend a glimmer pile against enemies after the event ends. Weapons Exchange (Spider Tank) Event – This one is the most straightforward and one you’ve probably stumbled across a few times by accident. When the Spider Tank gets one of its legs crippled, it spits out arc orbs you can use to deactivate two nodes of three forcefields around the area, unlocking Scorch Cannons. While those weapons are great for bursting down the tank, unlock all the forcefields and a second tank will drop for the heroic modifier. Cabal Excavation Event – This is the one where you stand in the circle and repel waves of Cabal. Eventually a Thresher ship will appear, and if you kill it before the event ends, it will spawn a giant miniboss for you to taken down. He’s not that hard, but the Thresher? It can take some work to target. There are at least two instances when it will fly low enough to be easily shot, but you might want to take a scout or sniper rifle and crack off some shots at it as it flies around as well, as it can take a while to kill. Cabal Injection Rig Event – Another tougher one to pull off, thanks to unknowing teammates. Every time you kill a Psion in the initial part of this event, a bright vent will appear on the machine above you. Shoot it until it blows up. Kill three of them, and that’s the heroic trigger. The catch is that you don’t have very long to do this, and you will be burning to death as you do so. Disrupt Vex Construction – This one is decently easy with just a couple people. Throughout the event, three circles will appear. Stand in them until you “capture” them to 100, then a bunch of harder Vex will spawn as the heroic trigger. Fallen Ether Resupply Event – While you have to kill some of the mini-boss Servitors to make sure the big Servitor isn’t invincible or reducing damage, kill all the supporting Servitors for the heroic trigger which will then spawn tougher Fallen to deal with. Taken Blight Event – This one I had no idea how to trigger until I actually looked it up. While you destroy the smaller blights to beat the event normally, when you go in and out of those mini blight “zones” you will get a buff that allows you to damage the main, big blight. Damage it enough, and you will trigger the heroic component of this event, which is a boss Taken to kill. Witches Ritual Event – While you first stand on the two circles to take down the shields of two Wizards, after that keep standing on them to take the shields down off crystals on the top right and left of the central portal, and destroy them. Big boss comes through the portal after that. This is another one I have yet to witness in person.
  2. Destiny 2 Leveling System Explained

    The servers should be back up now. Also, patch 1.03 is live on both PS4 and Xbox. The PS4 patch clocks in at around 4GB - not sure about the Xbox version.
  3. How did you find TAG?

    Yeah, AGE collapsed a while ago. It was at a time in my life where I had other things going on besides video games so I didn't even notice when the AGE Destiny Clan disbanded. So once I started playing again, I figured I better find myself some new folks to game with.
  4. Destiny 2 Leveling System Explained

    Glorious PS4, natch. I am dying for some 265 legendary boots right now.
  5. Destiny 2 Leveling System Explained

    Yeah, I'm trying to push past 268 right now.
  6. Destiny 2 Leveling System Explained

    Hey everybody. Just thought I'd share a few videos I found that do a good job of explaining the leveling system in Destiny 2 for those who are interested in getting ready for the raid and other end game content. The end-game leveling system is a bit different from Destiny 1 and not everyone knows how it works (or at the very least, I didn't before I watched these videos). These videos come from pillar of the YouTube Destiny community, Rick Kackis, so credit where it's due. Quick Summary - End game leveling in Destiny 2 revolves around the acquisition of so called "Powerful Gear". These are legendary engrams that can decode at light levels above 265. This video contains a brief rundown of how to get it. Short answer, join the TAG clan for your platform (PS4, Xbox, PC) ASAP, finish Cayde-6's Quest Line to set up patrol beacons, and complete Lord Shax's Crucible Milestone. The first will allow you to get rewarded whenever the clan levels up. The second will open up the weekly "Flashpoint" planet. Complete Lost Sectors and Public Events on that planet to complete the Flashpoint and report back to Cayde-6 for your Powerful Gear. The third will allow Powerful Gear to drop from Crucible matches. This video deals with the subject of Weapon and Armor Mods. Mods, especially legendary mods, play a vital role in helping you to level up your light past the 265 hard limit on most legendary items. Judicious use of these mods will help you boost your light into the 270 and above range. This link will take you to Rick Kackis's YouTube page. He's got lots of guides up already about how to get various exotics such as the Mida Multi-Tool, the Rat King, and the Sturm hand cannon. Hint - save up an exotic engram for later (don't decode it!) and start stashing rare and legendary scout rifles in your vault. As a final note, don't forget that every exotic in the game automatically comes with a legendary mod already installed. Don't forget that exotic engrams can decode all the way up to the maximum light level. I hope everyone finds this information useful. See you all in the game!
  7. Introduction

    Thanks everyone.
  8. Introduction

    Thank you kindly.
  9. Introduction

    That's a nice area.
  10. Introduction

    Thanks for having me, fellow nutter. Out of curiosity, what part of SoCal do you hail from? I just moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas after spending 15 years in San Diego.
  11. How did you find TAG?

    I found this site because I used to frequent Adult Gaming Enthusiasts. It went under so I did some research online and found that TAG was formed by a group who were originally part of AGE, so it seemed like a natural fit.
  12. Introduction

    Hi everyone. I'm a 36 year old single father of two young boys. I just moved to Texas from California. I used to hang around on the forums of Adult Gaming Enthusiasts before it went the way of the dodo, so it's nice to be back in the company of adults. I play on Xbox One and PS4, mostly, currently playing Destiny 2 on the latter. My Gamertags are: Xbox - Dr Smacktard PS4 - MADARAmagekyo Steam - drsmacktard Hope to see you all online.