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  1. Been a long time

    Hi everyone old and new! It's been several years since I've visited the site, seems like a long damn time. Due to circumstances in my life I've gone out and bought myself an Xbox and CoDWW2. I need some friends to game with my slow reflexed old ass! I can't keep up with these kids! My gamertag is SquirrelyBeans1 ...Hit me up!
  2. Been a long time

    Hey jay! Hey hustler! Still here huh? Thanks Duke! I'll look for it.
  3. Vampires 71 - Cops and Robbers

    Good to be back, thanks krazy.
  4. Vampires 71 - Cops and Robbers

    Romijn I hope you're right Mrs. K
  5. Vampires 71 - Cops and Robbers

    lol and there he is... vote Hatter
  6. Vampires 71 - Cops and Robbers

    I'd like to hear from Romijn first. But I have no problem lynching Hatter if it comes to that. :s1029:
  7. Vampires 71 - Cops and Robbers

    Okay people I have shit to do so I skipped a couple of pages. But after reading most of it, it seems like BB and MrsK are vouching for each other which means they are in a town hall or 1 investigated the other. I'll vote lilubo to see where this goes. Oh - if there is a town hall or someone can investigate go ahead and get me in there. It's good to be back here and see all these old familiar names btw!!!

    Ed that's a wonderful thing you and TAG did for him. Kudos.
  9. I've been playing search & destroy lately, in anticipation of GR siege, which was my favorite shooter mode eva. Don't have to worry about any of that bad spawning. :)
  10. I need a new game...

    Since everyone has listed everything else...did you ever play Shadowrun? It's very unique and team oriented. Plus the GP that still play it are the polar opposites of GoW and MW2 clowns. AGE used to have a night dedicated to playing it. And it's very cheap now.
  11. Rate the last movie you watched.

    The Other Guys - 6/10 There were some really funny parts but in between the few laughs was a very boring movie.
  12. Last One!! Celtics Vs Lakers Who you got?

    I thought Kobe was going to completely demoralize the Celtics with those unbelievable shots he was hitting. But one man gave them all the confidence and inspiration they needed...Big Baby deserves to be upgraded to Big Beastly! Hopefully after this game Doc will realize he needs to give his bench more minutes when the "old three" are playing like shit. That was an awesome game to watch.
  13. Last One!! Celtics Vs Lakers Who you got?

    I'm rooting for the Celtics but taking the Lakers in 6. Kobe stops runs, puts daggers in teams hearts, hits big shots and finishes games. I think it will be a great series though.
  14. Red Dead Redemption Reviews

    Played about an hour of single player and multiplayer with some TAGanese. It's very fun and I actually enjoy the SP - usually I don't even bother with SP. But I don't like the character movement, it's not very fluid.
  15. Rate the last movie you watched.

    I finally saw Black Dynamite...Madwik posted a thread a long time ago with the trailer. It was awesome! 8.5 / 10 http://www.theadultgamer.com/showthread.php?t=19406&highlight=Black+Dynamite
  16. Rate the last movie you watched.

    The Blind Side...9/10 Pretty touching movie, watched it with my wife and 12 yr old son. Plus - Sandra Bullock is smoking hot in it.
  17. Who's Getting Battlefield BC2 for 360?

    I picked it up tonight.
  18. Favorite 5 multiplayer games on xbox live! What's yours?

    Modern Warfare 2 Gears of War Ghost Recon 2 Ghost Recon Summit Strike Shadowrun
  19. Friday night

    Can a brother get an invite to a MW2 room? My wife is actually heading out to see "In the Heights" and my kids will be at my parents. So I will most likely be on the xbox all night until I have to leave for work.
  20. Friday night

    Getting on now...let's plaaaaayyyyyyyyy.
  21. Vampire 43~ Better be careful!

    That just earned you a vote my friend! :s1029: vote Alexander
  22. Vampire 43~ Better be careful!

    vote ESD3 I think that makes 6. Sorry ESD3, for some reason I believe MrsV.