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  1. I set a goal to reach 100k gamerscore!

    I have been watching you, and trying to stay above you on the leaderboard. It's helped me clear some backlog.
  2. Xbox One X

    I have played a few enhanced games so far and I am super impressed. Load times are better and some of the games are just jaw dropping. Titanfall 2 and Madden just look so, so good. I even tried out Oblivion for about 20min. even that 10+ year game looks so much better.
  3. Just curious who else is eagerly waiting for their Xbox One X? Also what titles have you be able to download the enhanced assets For? So far I have been able to update- Assassins creed origins Diablo 3 Disneyland Adventures Fall out 3 Farming Simulator 17 Gears 4 Halo 5 Killer instinct La Noire Madden 18 Outlast 2 Quantum Break Rise of the Tomb raider Super lucky tale Super night riders Titan fall 2 World of Tanks Don't forget if you are getting an X to go into settings and click download 4k assets.
  4. I haven't been around TAG very much recently but I felt compelled to come and warn fellow gamers to stay away from Astro gaming headsets. I purchased a set of a50's for $300 about 18 months ago, they have probably 30hrs of use. They no longer turn on nor charge. I contacted their customer service to see if they would repair them. I never expected any kind of warranty to cover them being 18 no the old, I simply wanted to pay them to repair them. I was told that since they are out of warranty I was to throw them out and buy a new set and they would not fix them no matter what I was willing to pay. That is horrible service and I will never touch any of their products again. Here I copied and pasted two of their reaponses- "Unfortunately the unit is out of warranty and we were not able to get the problem resolved via troubleshooting. Due to the issue, it is irreparable.If your headset is completely dead, you may have to leave it charging for a few hours before the charging indicator turns on. Connect your headset into a cell phone wall charger for at least 2 hours and see if it turns on. If it does not, you will need to purchase a new headset" "As you may know, we were recently acquired by Logitech. In this time some of our policies and procedures have changed. We are no longer able to accept shipments from customers to be evaluated, repaired, or replaced no matter how much the customer is willing to pay.I have attached a photo of the battery along with its specs. You may be able to go to a local repair shop and see if they can replace the battery for you. "
  5. Free games from MS for using Mixer during E3

    I got them as well.
  6. Who's playing Gwent?

    They are releasing another patch today, sadly friend matches are still absent on console.
  7. Who's playing Gwent?

    Just curious who is playing Gwent, open beta started last week. What system are you playing on and what is your best deck your playing?
  8. Not sure what profile your using so i'll write on both. HAPPY B-DAY!!

  9. Hello from New Hampshire

    Welcome fellow New Englander!
  10. Gwent Closed Beta

    I don't really like card games but I have been really enjoying it.
  11. 4k Discussion

    I can't recommend the Samsung KS8000 enough, the 65" set usually runs around $1500 but sometimes dips lower. Not sure what your budget is but make sure whichever set you get supports HDR10.
  12. 4k Discussion

    New Ghost Recon is also HDR.
  13. 4k Discussion

    I looked at the Lg OLEDs when I bought mine, they are super nice but I couldn't justify the price and I am under the impression that they have terrible input lag.
  14. 4k Discussion

    I have the 65" as well Metal, I love it. My ony two complaints which are minor btw are that I cant get my directv remote to change the volume on the TV and the fact that everytime I turn the TV on it also causes my satelite box to start up and changes the input.