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  1. What are you drinking tonight?

    Dogfishhead 120 minute ipa. So damn good, but hate how much I had to pay for it.
  2. TAG's Amazon link

    I believe it is one or the other.
  3. Project Scorpio Hardware Reveal (duuuuude)

    So it this a replacement for the xbox one or just an upgrade?
  4. Project Scorpio reveal this week (probably)

    Except for Calvin.
  5. Miniatures Painting Thread

    Nah, just a sombrero:
  6. Miniatures Painting Thread

    Wow, you painted those? I have no idea what games they would go to but they look cool!
  7. Xbox updated UI

    Why? You don't like when you push down on the D-pad it goes down twice instead of once? Dropping the controller will do that for you... Anyways, I get what you are saying. Porter watches one show when he wakes up in the morning. I'm okay with him handling that on his own.
  8. Xbox updated UI

    You don't want your kids to be self sufficient?
  9. Xbox updated UI

    My only question is will my 4 year old be able to get to Netflix, Amazon and Youtube?
  10. I have a Sonos Play 3 and really love it. Setting it up was a snap and the app interface is great. It is so easy to use. I'd love to get their sound bar but I can't justify that right now. With that said, I'm not sure of the Sonos compatibility with receivers.
  11. What are you drinking tonight?

  12. :wave:

    You are missing out. @MrsKrazy is pretty awesome. I'll tell her to look you up next time I'm in the area. @krazyness is a doufus butt though.
  13. Hi! I'm RandomMeat9K nice to meet you

    Oh damn, you had me fooled....
  14. Gender Swapped

    Watched the video but didn't read the article. Too long. What is the conclusion in the article? My opinion on the video is that the guy is an idiot.
  15. You Laugh, You Lose!

    Lol. Fucking Lauer should eat some dog shit.