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  1. I haven't had any issues since the latest patch. *knock on wood
  2. Destiny Combat Rating

    Crucible Stats button. Go to Legend-then click crucible-voila.
  3. Destiny Combat Rating

    Have you noticed that your ability seems to fall off when you play with certain players? The Combat Rating is why and you can see where you stand in the Crucible stats on Bungie.net. Wolfrat, Spark and I were talking about it the other night. FYI: Spark's is high! :) http://www.bungie.net/en/Legend/1/4611686018429694784/2305843009245434333#context=crucible
  4. Rate the last movie you watched.

    The Ledge: 7/10...it was good; but could have used a lil' more of something. Not exactly sure of what though.
  5. My art in a Gallery

    Thanks guys! I appreciate the support. This cow skull I'm working on is looking sick.
  6. My art in a Gallery

    So it's been a year since I've dived into the art world and things are looking up! I was interviewed by the Houston Press for my artwork. Check it out and leave a comment if you'd like. http://blogs.houstonpress.com/artattack/2011/07/100_creatives_cliff_franks.php
  7. What book are you reading?

    Just finished; American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis now I'm on to Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil.
  8. Rate the last movie you watched.

    Kill the Irishman: 9/10 Really enjoyed this movie...
  9. I'm trading in Homefront

    Dark Souls!
  10. Motorcyclist Rear Ended

    I don't know about cruisers but with sport bikes...every one I've been on you have to stoop real low to check your close rear. And no rider is going to stoop when braking or at every in-town stop. I see nothing wrong or irresponsible that the rider did...just an unobservant driver IMO.
  11. Motorcyclist Rear Ended

    What!? Yeah...a quick lane change would have been so much safer. :?
  12. Creating a top 40 hit in under 8 hours

  13. Mrzwij Is old today

    Happy BDAY Geezer!
  14. Women's Monopoly

  15. Magic : The Gathering, Expansion 3

    I agree that'd be fun. Only issue is you'd run into the same decks over and over... lol...that's what you're playing now!