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  1. That price is a joke. 10 years after release and it is only $20 cheaper....
  2. E3 2017

    The new Mario has me itching for a switch.
  3. CoD: WWII reveal trailer

    Please, please, please bring the tanks back.
  4. Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer

    It will be a Best Buy gamers club pre-order for me. The single player should be worth the $38.
  5. Star Wars: The last Jedi

    Looks like Luke turns Yoda in this one.
  6. Project Scorpio Hardware Reveal (duuuuude)

    It will be interesting to see how developers handle the additional grunt from the hardware. All accounts I read state that games will be playable across all xbox one platforms.
  7. If you don't want to deal with the traditional 5-7 channel surround sound set up, a soundbar and sub can be a good substitute. At my old house I had all my wires ran through the walls and Bose speakers mounted on a pretty nice system with powered sub. When we moved I wasn't going to tear walls apart to run wires so I looked into a soundbar. I settled on a mid-range samsung bar and wireless sub. Nothing fancy as I wasn't sure how much I would really like it. I was presently surprised. It doesn't match my old setup but it is so much better than just using a tv. Watching movies is pretty good, but listening to music it kinda lacks. There are some soundbar systems now that offer the wireless rear speakers too, which could be nice to fill the room more.
  8. 4k Discussion

    On the opposite spectrum, I was shopping for a new tv and specifically didn't want 4k. Boy it was really hard to find one! I ended up with a Sony 60". A place I found to be good for tv reviews was rtings.com. I was not prepared to make the switch to 4k. Bluray is good enough for this guy, and I am not ready to pay the up charge for 4k on Netflix, ect. I also sit 18 feet away from this tv, so that was a big reason too.
  9. Switch review roundup

    Taking the wait and see approach right now. Local game shop sold my son on it, but I need to see a bigger game catalog in the pipeline. Interested to hear what the early adapters have to say.
  10. Nintendo Switch $300 Mar 3

    Speaking for myself on the price point, when I buy a Playstation or Xbox I know I am going to be getting a gateway to tons of games to play. With Nintendo, I am really only getting a handful of games worth playing. My son has a Wii U, and there have been about 6-8 games that interested us since launch. Also, Nintendo doesn't typically lower the price the same way the other big 2 do.
  11. Nintendo Switch $300 Mar 3

    $300 at launch with no Mario is the deathblow. Dammit Nintendo, why don't they have a grasp on peoples' desires. My suggestion if I worked for them: Release the system with Mario for $250.00. This gets the consoles in homes right away and then they have a bigger group of people to buy all the other software titles they release. I get that at $250.00 they may have very slim profit margin, but you get the console into peoples hands, with a good game, and then make your money on selling more games. Instead, people are taken back by the price and lack of release titles (hello Wii U), sure some will buy it, but not the amount of people needed to sell a ton of games like a PS4, or XB1. I was all prepared to preorder, but as of today I am not. Going to need a price drop and or wait for Mario.
  12. Best SP campaign of 2016?

    BF1 was refreshing to me. I enjoyed playing all of the individual stories opposed to 1 main character.
  13. 2016 TAGGIES Finals - Big Rigs vs Modern Muscle

    Didn't play either game this year.... I am voting for Vermin Supreme (look him up).
  14. Rogue One

    Read a few online reviews concerning the movie and the reviews. They said how it was darker than any other Star Wars film and be prepared to have to explain things to your children afterwards. My son is now saying he wants to go see Moana and watch Star Wars when it comes to video! Crisis adverted, and I will be going to see it (Han) solo.
  15. Rogue One

    Anyone see it yet? Wondering how kid friendly it is? Does it fall into line with the Force Awakens or is it more darker?