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  1. What do you do at work?

    Mostly drive around when my helper isn't scartching the shit out of the side of my van. And sometimes I make pipes out of angle stops.
  2. Dog bites suck! (Warning: gross)

    The bite itself wasn't terrible. Why i left it alone but the infection was absolutely horrible. Since the bite went pretty deep the infection grew on my knuckles and into the muscle.
  3. Make up Chuckles' Mind!

    Witcher 3 hands down. Get the DLC too. The game is absolutely stunning and jam packed with content. I think it took me over 72 hours just to finish the main story. One of, if not the best RPG I've ever played.
  4. Dog bites suck! (Warning: gross)

    Can't figure out how to use spoiler tags so I'll just post links to the pictures for those interested. Fair warning, they're a little nasty. http://i.imgur.com/yharxgS.jpg http://i.imgur.com/CQtaYls.jpg http://i.imgur.com/QSGQjs7.jpg http://i.imgur.com/o810IsS.jpg
  5. Y'all know I can't seem to go more than 15 seconds without some sort of serious injury. So of course I figured I'd share some pictures and give y'all a PSA. Don't ignore a dog bite! I'm a moron, and as they say, if you're going to be dumb you have to be tough. Well I figured I could treat my dog bite like I do most of my other wounds. Stop the bleeding, clean it up and get the wound held together so it can heal. (I've gotten relatively good at this... sadly) So when I got bit by a dog about two weeks ago I gave it my usual "Eh. It'll be fine." Nope. 100% wrong and Jesus was that a big mistake. Don't ever listen to people who say dogs mouths are cleaner than ours. I wound up with a nasty infection in my thumb and my ring and pinky finger knuckles for assuming I'd be fine. Now normally I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, I mean hell, kind of have to if you're me. But good lord, as someone who works with my hands for a living, this was absolutely brutal. My dumb ass waited three days before going to the doctor and the infection got pretty bad. Actually took one of the punctures splitting open for me to decide yeah, it's probably a good idea to go to the doctor. One week on pain medication (gotta love those opiates) and two weeks on the biggest horse pill antibiotics to get my hand cleared up. Still have quite a bit of pain in my thumb if I smack it on anything or put pressure in the wrong spot, but it's mostly healed now. The most annoying things about it right now is the hard masses of scar tissue I can feel under my skin. Not sure why but it bothers me. But hell, I'm just glad my hand isn't in constant throbbing pain anymore. So just a little tip from me to you. If you're bit by a dog, don't be a dumbass like me. Go to the doctor and get that shit taken care of immediately. You'll thank yourself for it later.
  6. Sarka J I have no schedule or a mic, but this game is a blast.
  7. Fallout 4 Tip Thread

    When you first meet a trader named trashcan Carla, greet her with the sarcastic choice. She'll give you a discount on everything she sells and she travels to your sanctuary town. Very useful.
  8. Figured some of y'all might enjoy this. I know it's mainly speculation, but a neat video considering Destiny is painfully hard find a proper story.
  9. XB1 Poll - Multiplayer shooters this fall

    Which is exactly why I think it's beyond stupid to release all decent games in one time of the year each year. #morons For real. I just don't have time for it. Rock Band 4 just came out. I think Halo 5 comes out later this month. Then Blacks Ops 3, and of course Fallout 4. I don't have the time to devote to all that. I know I'm getting Fallout 4, and I'm heavily considering Rock Band because it's amazing. That, and my original arcade unit finally bit the dust so I can't play 1 and 2 anymore.
  10. XB1 Poll - Multiplayer shooters this fall

    I was going to get black ops 3. But then I realized Fallout 4 comes out a week later and I'd never touch it again.
  11. The faces of the TAG community

    Decided I was going to keep my hair for a while. It's easier than tanning my white ass head. :P
  12. Vamps 98 signups

    Sure, I'll play.
  13. Gamers nearby thread

    Honestly with Ubo on council, I can't believe I ain't banned yet. Didn't he run on the "I'll ban Alex" platform too?
  14. Gamers nearby thread

    Jacksonville Florida y'all!