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  1. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    As soon as it goes live, I'm all over it.
  2. So we used to have a world going on xbox 360 that several of us from the community would pop in and out of. Would anyone be interested in starting this back up with me? I can get a game set up on either console and have it running most nights. Soooo who's interested and what console?
  3. Quick Price Drops on games

    Same with AC:Unity... unplayable on release.
  4. Quick Price Drops on games

    Anything purchased in early November is a waste of money because you can get all of those on black friday for $30... so you have to decide, is day one worth an extra $30, or can you wait 3 weeks.
  5. Fallout 4 HiRes 4K 58gb

    Time to dust off my fallout and get a nice chair cushion for my desk.
  6. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    I love my Pro... All my games look fantastic. I didn't know about the boost mode... I'm going to enable it and try it out with my non-pro enabled games.
  7. Reintroduction

    Well I don't want to be on the opposite team from you lol
  8. Reintroduction

    Been playing a bit of Battlefield lately... I have it on both consoles. I haven't picked up the newest COD... I haven't had a many people to play it with so I have been avoiding buying it.
  9. Reintroduction

    Yo... I was a member awhile ago. Left because of drama awhile back but playing more games now and not a ton of people to play with so here I am. Feel like I'm out of the loop on new games and whatnot without a community. Looking to get back into multiplayer gaming... I gave a PSPro and an XBox one. Battlefield, COD, and a ton of other games. Sooo here I am. Do your worst lol
  10. Today For Lunch

    KEY LIME PIE thats right, I ate dessert for lunch
  11. Today For Lunch

    or you just like to copy the picture on the package. hey i didnt put a hardboiled egg in it! Its different!
  12. Today For Lunch

    i have my lunch ready to cook... Chicken Top Ramen with slices of a fresh roasted chicken breast, broccoli, bok choy, napa cabbage, garlic, and some chopped up bacon. I like to fancy up my .20 pack of ramen