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  1. Destiny Clan

    I created a clan on Bungie's website for TAG. Here's a link to it at Bungie's website. It's open to both Xbox Live & Playstation. To keep out the riffraff, I left it with the default setting of needing admin (me) approval to accept new members. Mission StatementTo crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. Adult gamers, 21 & over, PC, Xbox, Playstation - see The Adult Gamer
  2. Destiny Clan

    Old characters not transferred to the new game. If you have the same Bungie account, you are still part of the TAG clan.
  3. Destiny Clan

    I will be in Destiny 2. When I went to the clan site for Destiny 2, it broke it up into a PS4 clan & an Xbox One clan. I'm not sure about cross-over (like if you play on both consoles you are in both clans). It has me as the founder for the Xbox One clan, and told me that TaintedZodiac would be assigned as founder for PS4 clan. I am out of town September 5 through 8. I have a regular job so I won't be able to approve people until evening hours. I think I can name as many administrators as we want. My druthers would be to limit the clan membership to people signed up for TAG and to limit admins to members (preferably active people). I won't personally do the PVP, but I will doing a lot of PVE on Destiny 2. VERY IMPORTANT - It is much, much easier to find folks on TAG to approve for the clan if their Xbox Live account name is something very similar (preferably the same) as their TAG account.
  4. New ME Andromeda trailer

    Looking forward to this still. I've seen some chatter like this at Gamespot about there being a beta/demo/whatevs but have yet to see anything official.
  5. Titanfall 2 in-game TAG Network [Clan]

    Since you're a mason, you could set up a Network over there. I think we can only see the XBL Networks. Probably something similar for PC.
  6. Extra Titanfall Codes

    Ahh, still too much work. Some hideous paint job for my Titan not worth $10.
  7. So I got Titanfall 2 knowing that the game has had some major changes from the first one. I have to be 100% honest and say that I wasn't liking the multiplayer very much for these first few nights. One issue is that the perks unlocking with level put lower level characters at a big disadvantage. As an example, Map Hack was one of the best Burn Cards in the original game. You could only bring 3 cards into a match and the effect disappeared with your death (or loss of Titan). In the new version, Map Hack is a high-level ability which can be used multiple times in a game. It doesn't last long, but can be a huge advantage. The Titans were dumbed down. Last version there were 3 chassis and you could mix and match the weapons, weapon unlocks, and a handful of abilities. Now, there are six archetypes. Each one comes with its own unique weapon, secondary weapon, defense, and special ability called core. Like pilot special abilities, the core unlocks over time with kills & goals speeding it along. Wolfrat and I are playing mostly with our friend Nyankoframe (he signed up on TAG, but doesn't post). We were regularly getting curb stomped in Bounty Hunter (which can be a fun mode) and last night decided to do Attrition for a bit. Finally, we were able to hold our own and win some games. I think this was a combination of getting familiar with the maps and being high enough level to have some good abilities and add-ons for our weapons. Wolfrat got the sixth Titan, Legion, and was instantly in love with it - finally felt he had something powerful. I had been using Northstar with plasma railgun (simplified greatly) and then started using Tone (who totes the 40 mm cannon) - both of those I like. So I encourage my fellow TAGgers to stick with the game long enough to unlock all the Titans and learn the maps. I look forward to gaming with you!
  8. Titanfall 2 Multiplayer growing on me

    Yes, I am learning to use the grapple pretty well. One of the things I do now is when I grapple, I jump with about a third of the way left to my destination to get on top of things. If I want to go in a window, I grapple right below the window & pop right in. Last night I was running with the Spitfire which I only used when I had to for a challenge in the original. I was loving it.
  9. Titanfall 2 in-game TAG Network [Clan]

    Make it private then. I don't want random asshats joining.
  10. My First Ever Xbox Live Temporary Chat Ban

    It blows that Wolfrat got a coms ban with Titanfall 2 coming out in a couple of days. I was so frustrated with R6S that night that I snapped my game disk in half. I can always have Wolfie on my phone & relay his screams to the rest of the team...
  11. COD Beta Xbox one / Beta Keys

    OMFG that was horrible. Played for 2 minutes - died 5 times LOL
  12. COD Beta Xbox one / Beta Keys

    I also have 5 codes available. PM me & I will hook you up. I will be on XB1 around 10 MST as well as tomorrow evening/night.
  13. New titanfall 2 map in dec is a titanfall 1 map

    Wolfrat & I will be getting TF2. Hope it is at least a little better than the tech test...
  14. Dustline & patch

    Here is a link to the R6S blog on the Dustline maps & upcoming patch. It looks like Ubisoft is tweaking a bunch of stuff. Some of it is big changes to a handful of the operators. Other changes include toning down the lighting difference between looking in & looking out. One of my favorites is moving the camera & eyes closer to decrease the issue of peaking in a window, not seeing anyone & getting killed by someone inside the room. One of my biggest issues has been with the difference between what I could see & what people could see of me. I have significantly better K/D with defenders because of the issue of lines of sight in this game. While I am looking forward to another new map, I'm so-so on the new operators. Will definitely give them a try, but they didn't sound too exciting.
  15. Dustline & patch

    I didn't see anything in Patch 4.2 that relates to defenders going outside. Some attackers getting claymores helps in covering your backside - is that what you mean? And I hope the game lets you play again soon!
  16. [XB1] New Xbox One Roll Call

    I haven't played Destiny in a year or so.
  17. Titanfall 2 technicall test MP

    Huhh? I gave STO a little try. Terrible, terrible graphics. Kind of ho hum.
  18. Still Playing?

    Well, we've never heard of you so we're all even. Sparktastic is very good at TF.
  19. Okay, it seems a little better. I wish the tutorial included the titans. I played a match and was able to call in 2 titans but each one only lasted a few seconds. Too busy trying to stay alive to look at the HUD to see what commands do what in order to help me stay alive. The play style was a little speedier - I'll have to try some more matches to see if I like it.
  20. Titanfall 2 technicall test MP

    I didn't expect that they'd be able to change much. Very disappointing.
  21. It's why they call me...

    What gun is that in the middle video?
  22. Titanfall 2 technicall test MP

    I was coming here to post this same link. RE: beta - It's insulting to think that we're upset because there were only 2 maps & 2 titans. We all understand that this is a beta with limited assets available. What many of us who played & loved the original game didn't like was the following: De-emphasis of the wall-running & other vertical elements that added a fresh angle to the genre (which was then copied by the next CoD) Both of the maps felt more like standard FPS maps rather than TF maps Titan timers replaced by making it solely objective related. In the previous game, you could speed up your timer by being successful. In the previous game, dropping Titans could allow a losing team to turn things around. They were powerful and could make the difference. Changes to the Titans made them seem more like an afterthought. I would often call it 5 or 6 Titans in a match - or maybe just 1 but spend 3/4 of the match in it. In the beta, they felt like they were just some CoD killstreak award like a turret. Dropping recharge shields and other measures significantly decreased the fun and use of Titans. Concerns about changes in games mode and lose of AI figures in the game. The bots added an element to the game - for instance, you could conceal your movement among a group of grunts and sneak up on the other team. Dropping any customization of Titans feels like a big step backwards. New Titans with unique abilities are cool, but some customization could still fit within that narrative. Lots of folks liked the game modes. Attrition wasn't our favorite, but it had its place. Our favorite was Marked for Death followed by Hardpoint and Capture the Flag. Indications are that Attrition is gone in favor of the Bounty Hunter mode and that is what some of the reaction is about. The nerfing of some aspects of the Titans and the replacement of the timer with solely objective-based earning of Titan changed the complexion of the game. I personally didn't want Respawn to make TF2 just a redress of TF. I appreciate that they want to innovate and bring a unique game to market. What many of us who loved the original saw was that they took many of the unique aspects of the first and nerfed them too much or even got rid of them. If they are just making a CoD-light clone then no one will buy it sandwiched between Battlefield 1 and the next CoD.
  23. Titanfall 2 technicall test MP

    Yeah, the silence is deafening.
  24. Titanfall 2 technicall test MP

    First, the cutting of Attrition isn't a rumor or just based on the mode types from the tech test. They have said that Attrition was being replaced with the Bounty Hunter mode. Other modes in the original had Grunts & whatnot during the match and those are gone as well. Second, when presented with the option of "Popular Item" or "Other Item Trying to Emulate Popular Item", most people stick with the original. Ipod over Zune and other MP3 players, WoW over every other MMO in the last 10 years, etc., etc. For a while, the joke was that every action movie had to be sold as "It's Die Hard in blank". Now every FPS is becoming "It's COD with blank."
  25. Titanfall 2 technicall test MP

    Ugh, looks like our fears about the changes to the game might be true. Aw, well, still plenty of time to cancel any pre-orders. I had to travel to Nashville last minute this week so still haven't gotten this yet.