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Found 12 results

  1. Looking pretty awesome!! I will be getting this on Xbox One X http://io9.gizmodo.com/get-a-closer-look-at-star-wars-battlefront-ii-and-its-c-1796951313
  2. The teaser is here folks. From what I saw of this & the way Star Wars Rebels appears to be heading, it sounds as if Disney is trying to "push" the "Grey Jedi" motif. So no more "light-side & dark-side" only?
  3. Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer

    Looks pretty good. SP campaign this time too
  4. Star Wars Battlefront is on sale on XBOX ONE digitally! Join me and together we can out nerd the other Star Wars fan boys! Game is $25, Season pass is $35, Ultimate (game+Season) is $50!
  5. Just caught wind of this one folks, this was fan made some days ago. See it before Disney shoves a "cease & desist" order down these poor guys throats. Enjoy, I did.
  6. Rogue One

    The 1st trailer folks: Comes out December 16th. I hope Disney knows what they're doing, starting to feel like they're over-saturating with Star Wars.
  7. SW: KotOR remake?

    Gameplay footage of the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, courtesy of EpicStream. Enjoy all
  8. I finished reading an article which I felt was a decent "food for thought" piece for any Star Wars geek. I think this is the best area of the site to link this article on. Anyway, here it is: In Defense of George Lucas. I thought this portion of the article was most poignant: He changed the culture in 1977 and somehow lost touch with it along the way, which is tragic in its own right.
  9. I started watching it with my son and I really enjoy it. It started off a bit slow, however, picked up pretty good towards the end of the season. The second season is looking really good.
  10. Current schedule: Monday Sept. 25th: Star Wars Battlefront: Get your Luke and Vader on! Wreak havoc from the Outer Rim to the Death Star with your fellow TAG'ers this Monday night. Game time usually starts around 9pm EST
  11. For TAGers that will be playing this game , we have a Guild already started. What is nice about this, is that when you start the game it will drop you right into the right server. Then we will have a guild already set up, so wount have the issues trying to find and hook up with friends. Follow the link below and sign up. Hope to see lots of TAGers for the early access and later on when the game goes live. http://www.swtor.com/guilds/194358/delusions-grandeur