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Found 8 results

  1. Cuphead

    The game comes out today in a few hours. Those who plan on getting it, have basically 2 options: the Steam version & the Xb1/PC version. if you get the latter it's a "play anywhere" title. The initial reviews of the game are out folks. The top one is by ACG the one below is via Gamespot
  2. https://servc.eu/rsg/ I am getting closer to 400 games in my Steam library, and I've played less than 25% of them. It's time to force myself to play what I spent money on, and this tool is exactly what I was looking for. Maybe others here might have the same issue of indecision due to too many choices, so here's your solution.
  3. Steam Group

    Good evening everyone, I just joined up and was wondering if there is a Steam Group for TAG. It would be an easy way to find each other, but when I searched nothing came up. Looking forward to gaming with you all! Stearpyk
  4. Humble Bundle Deals

    Humble Bundle get cheap PC games(win/mac/linux), Android games, Digital Book, and what every else bundles, most games are Steam activated(Steam key) and or include DRM free version. Humble 2K Bundle - Steam Games: BioShock, The Darkness II and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. Beat the average price: BioShock 2, Mafia II and Spec Ops: The Line $20 or more: BioShock Infinite and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The Humble Weekly Sale: Eye Candy Games: 140, KAMI and Ballpoint Universe. Beat the average price: Cinders, Antichamber and Secrets of Raetikon Pay $12 or more: Mercenary Kings
  5. SFV

    For those interested in how SFV currently is, I did a few hours of steaming (I have Steam version). There are 16 characters in it currently: 6 traditional, 6 that haven't been seen in a while, & 4 new. Certain things are still unavailable like the challenges & the shop, which are both due come March. My guess is that the 1st season pass with the 6 additional characters will release at around the same time. Wasn't too keen on certain things, like not being able to choose the character before the match. You have to go into the main main menu, choose the character then go back out. That could get real annoying real quick having to do so over & over. I also would have liked the match requests to be available on certain modes & not on others, while I'm playing with the setting the last thing I want to see is the "here comes a new challenger" screen.
  6. New HDD for Steam

    I'm considering getting a new HDD (a Hybrid Drive) specifically for Steam games. Currently on my 2 TB model I have Origin, GoG, & Steam & some others installed on it, but the bulk of the games in it are from Steams library. I would say that it's roughly 40% filled up all told. How easy to simply transfer the Steam data from the current 2TB model to the new one I plan on getting in a month or 2 (hopefully a 6TB Hybrid model will be out by then, otherwise a 4 TB model it will be)? Would it be a simple "drag & drop" for even that much data? I have Windows 10 if that helps.
  7. http://store.steampowered.com/app/219990/?snr=1_7_7_204_150_1 14.99 (LOL....40% off, I can't type)
  8. Steam Controller

    Got the thing today (expected it in December). I tried it out on a few titles in my Steam Library: Pac Man CE DX+, Fallout 4 & DoA5LR. The thing is roughly the same size as an Xbox one controller, though a bit lighter. it comes with the controller itself, 2 AA batteries, a USB cable & a Steam link attachment should you want to play the thing wireless. The analog stick is quite responsive, the 2 back buttons (underneath which the batteries would go) will take some getting use to, as I've never had that on controllers before, I accidentally pressed them a few times during my Pac Man gaming. The 2 track pads are very sensitive to the touch, during my DoA practice certain moves conflicted since they were picking up my thumb patterns when I was trying to do certain moves via the analog & the buttons. The buttons themselves may be an issue to potential users of this thing though. They feel almost "tucked" next to the analog stick & are a bit tight together. More then a few times I accidentally pressed the wrong button during my tests of it with DoA5LR & Fallout 4. Would I recommend this controller? Steam has said that it'll become the universal controller for the entire Steam Library at some point. If that turns out to be true, then I would give it a nod, though somewhat reluctantly (I want to play Oblivion on PC using a controller. the keyboard & mouse aren't doing it for me & the half-assed controller input thing it currently has doesn't have the smoothness I want). For now though I would say to stick with the controller you are using.