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Found 138 results

  1. Prepare your undies for one awesome fucking trailer!
  2. Doom - May 13th

    http://youtu.be/ybo30QlSk64 Looks like the gunplay will be as smooth as Fallout 4's...
  3. Zombie Army Trilogy $12.50 Xbox

    Xbox is having a fairly kickass sale right now, with ZAT being $12.50 as only one of the many deals provided. hint hint hint
  4. Overwatch Master List

    XBOX ONE @Chuckles KillerOfBunnies @SithWarrior C1sithwarrior @romanodog @JustCallMeTip22 @Amish Ronin @BrotherTheodore @Zenlizard @taintedzodiac @CaptainToay43 @Toni @scotty918 @Made33 @Mr_Rad @anthem_pt3 @Shoukori @CaptNink @CYL0N @WARIER xWARIERx PLAYSTATION 4 @ayumex @weedwhat weed_what @SithWarrior @CaptainToay43 PC @SithWarrior @anthem_pt3 @CaptainToay43 @taintedzodiac @JustCallMeTip22 @mielik @TNT
  5. Get Out

    If only I had seen this trailer beforehand I could have enjoyed this movie much ealier! What I had seen painted a movie that was an entirely social-justie, message-fic fan-made film of bullshit and nonsense. This movie is poignant, fucking awesome, intelligent, disturbing and panders to the bbc/white woman crowd!
  6. Here's the main article: And they shall weep as Sony blood runs thick and red as viscous rivers of discord and the very skies shall quake and treble from the songs of agony shrieked by Playstation fanbois praying for an absolution that will never be! Here's the video that delves into the main specs and other things. Further videos are promised to detail everything else.
  7. Mass Effect: The Patchening

    This here there thar patch is perkin' me up, some, and looks like I'll be able to tolerate certain game particulars with only a bit o' fuss. Here's a YongYea vid (My Face Is Tired) Already is Bioware making with the "humanizing" of the game character's animation and such. Not only that, they're also tweaking dialogue (thank you jebus!) Animations and everythin' still wonky but (what they've improved) isn't near as bad as they originally were.
  8. BioWare Montreal is now a "support studio," with employees not working on Star Wars Battlefront II instead staying at the studio to "help support BioWare’s other games," its sources said. BioWare Montreal will still be working on patches and fixes for Mass Effect: Andromeda's multiplayer. http://in.ign.com/mass-effect-andromeda/108029/news/mass-effect-series-on-hold-according-to-report
  9. Orville trailer

    This is a Seth McFarlane Star Trek spoof movie. Huh.
  10. Overwatch Wednesdays

    Or OW for short. BRING THE PAIN!!! While e'ry day shall find me and likely others hilariously pretending at l33tness we'll be trying to get everyone together on Wednesdays for some TAGicide madness. For those not in the know: OW is a fun and action-packed multiplayer shooter full of colorful characters. Each play differently, with their own strengths and weaknesses, and you'll invariably find one (or much more) that fit your style. Go long with the snipers, short with the tanks or absolutely insane with everyone else! It's squad-based, meaning six players to a team with two teams duking it out. Communication is key, usually via swearing and crying to a multitude of deities.
  11. Top is The Man in Black, bottom is Roland.
  12. Possible SNES Classic in the works

    The SNES mini (or, to continue Nintendo's official branding, likely the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System) is currently scheduled to launch in time for Christmas this year. Development of the device is already under way, our sources have indicated. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-04-19-sources-nintendo-to-launch-snes-mini-this-year
  13. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson
  14. Andromeda: My Final Verdict

    Egads. I had every intention to write out everything one could have possibly wanted to know (and more!) about this game. But it was becoming too big. Too many words and way-hay-hay-haaaaaaaaay too much frustration. Blah blah blah yakkity yak... Mass Effect: Andromeda is garbage. Do not waste your money. The game's only redeeming quality from the 10 hours of early play is its multiplayer. So if it's ever on sale for $10 ($20 for the 1%) then it may be a worthwhile buy. The Good The combat mechanics are superb. The enemies are tougher with varied and unique abilities. They will kill you. The multiplayer is quite fun. Harder than ME3, requiring much more teamwork. It is most definitely gorgeous at times. Space, planetary bodies, etc. Some of the voice acting. The Bad The UI is several steps backwards from previous iterations. It is clunky, slow and causes confusion. One example are that several button presses are required for every one thing. And those buttons change in their use in each new window. Star system navigation is a joke. It is a huge literal waste of the player's time and quickly becomes aggravating. Particularly when you search for the off button (surely there must be one) and discover it doesn't exist. The new crafting system which forces the player into using a convoluted and inane UI and to expend time in system navigation. Most of the voice acting. The Ugly The story, from the early 10 hours, is atrociously stupid and brazenly lazy. Nothing makes sense. Their problems shouldn't exist. The writing is amateur fanfic. The writers have had no life experiences outside of low-budget television and Facebook. The character animations. Of course. They are not bugs. Nor glitches. Nor anything else those gaming sites that are beholden to developer dollars would have you believe. They are mistakes in hiring mixed with absolutely no skilled oversight in attendance. However... Some sites have sworn that the later game picks up and becomes much better. They haven't been allowed to speak about it and can't do so until the 20th. The only thing I can imagine is that, if actually true (developer dollars, remember?), the character animations, story and writing were corrected from the back going forward and the first bit of the game hasn't received attention yet. I personally consider that a pipe dream. We'll all find out soon enough. The game can still be purchased with its pre-purchase bonuses until Friday of this week. Four days after release and five after the review embargo should be enough time for everyone to make up their minds. Oh, and you can cancel pre-purchases with Xbox before a game's release date. Full refund, etc. Just, ya know, an FYI...
  15. Dishonored 2 is giving up its first few missions 'n such up for free on all platforms. If you haven't played the game before then now is an excellent time to take a gander!
  16. So the new Xbox system looks to be having its reveal sooner rather than later. Various sources are pointing to Microsoft showing off their system "sometime this week", with even a few stating Thursday as the big day. The idea would be to allow Microsoft to unfuck themselves away from their last absolutely avoidable trainwreck Xbox One reveal at E3. A console reveal complete with hardware nerdgasms early on would allow the company to concentrate on what the system is supposed to be designed for: videogames. Nothing official so far from MS but with most of the outlets singing the same tune...