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Found 4 results

  1. https://venturebeat.com/2017/10/10/diablo-iii-brought-the-necromancer-back-from-the-dead-heres-how/
  2. Season 11 Roll call

    Season 11 starts this week, I'll be on PC.
  3. Public games GR access change

    Reading through patch notes and noticed this. Does public game mean games with friends/clanmantes? ADVENTURE MODE Greater RiftsThe requirement for participating in certain difficulty levels in public games has been changed from current Paragon Level to highest solo Greater Rift clear, as follows Torment I – VI: No Requirement Torment VII: Solo Greater Rift 30 Torment VIII: Solo Greater Rift 35 Torment IX: Solo Greater Rift 40 Torment X: Solo Greater Rift 45 Torment XI: Solo Greater Rift 50 Torment XII: Solo Greater Rift 55 Torment XIII: Solo Greater Rift 60 Note: This change only applies to players on PC / Mac
  4. First things first. For those that don't know, in Season 5 you will be able to complete 3 objectives on the season journey. Each one you complete you will get a bag called Haedrig's Gift mailed to you. Whatever class you open the bag on decides which set pieces you get. WD gets Jade Harvestor, Wizard gets Firebird's, Crusader gets Invoker, Barb gets Might of the Earth, DH gets Shadow, and Monk gets Sunwuko. The objectives you need to complete are: Hit level 70 (freebie!). Kill Zoltan Kule on Torment II or higher, and Complete a GR20 solo. Each one is in a different step of the Season Journey but you don't have to do the entire steps to get them. Just do those three things and you will have a full 6p on whatever character you choose to open it on. Now that that is out of the way... I want to give my opinions on how each set progresses in power from the moment you first hit 70 and how they feel after completing them. I spent some time testing the sets on the PTR. I want to preface this by saying that all the sets have builds (with some supporting Legendaries) that can clear decently well. What I wanted to test is how each of these sets will feel right at 70 as a new character in the season. So my testing methodology was as such: - Equip the full 6p set given from the season journey - Craft Yellows from the Smith for all other armor/weapon slots not covered by 6p - Equip junk rings that didn’t have perfect CHC/CHD damage rolls (and not sets like FnR or Endless Walk) - Reset all Paragon points so none are being used - Not using any Leg Gems or anything higher than Imperial Gems in armor/weapons With this testing methodology, most characters ended up around 250-350k sheet damage. I then proceeded to play each of these 6p Builds with various skills. To be fair I didn’t spend a ton of time on any one build optimizing passives and skill rune choices. I took a quick look at what the sets did, tested any related skills real fast that I thought would be worthwhile and killed some stuff on T6. TLDR: Results in my opinion are: In order of how the set/skills progress = WD > DH > Sader > Monk > Wiz/Barb In order of final power level after 6p = DH > Sader > WD > Monk/Wizard/Barb I will explain my rankings more in each class set review. I will start from the lower end sets and work my way up in no particular order. Wizard -- Firebird’s set starts out extremely weak. The 2p bonus you get at 70 is basically just a cheat death passive so there is no power boost for hitting 70. The 4p bonus adds some power but the DoT without supporting items isn’t the greatest. The 6p does give greater power in good density, but the class feels really squishy in t6 with just the 6p. I would say Wizard probably starts out the weakest of the classes. I was able to kill things on T6 but survivability was bad and kills weren’t that fast due to the nature of relying on DoT damage. Barb -- Might of the Earth is also a weak starting set. The first bonus is just a cooldown reduction for spending fury, but at 70 without supporting legs your fury generation and spending mechanics leaves a lot to be desired. The 4p is a decent damage buff, but really needs at least Lut Socks to support it. 6p is where your damage really Leaps up (see what I did there?). This build really requires decent CDR rolls as well as several supporting Legs (Socks, the new 2h, and some others) to really take off, so it starts a little slower than some sets. MOTE starts a little slower, but a couple supporting legs really allows the set to pump some damage. I was able to kill at T6 with no supports, but it takes a different build. Ancient Spear not using Boulder Toss is your best bet with the 6p early on to both spend your fury to reset leap and to do damage. I was doing 20-40m hits without any supporting items with it. Monk - Sunwuko is a terrible set in terms of progression. The 2p is simple damage reduction, but it does make Monk one of the sturdiest classes right at 70. The 4p is only 500% dmg a second so not a great damage bump. 6p is a good power jump though. I was able to clear T6 mobs with ease using pillar of the ancients wave of light with no supporting items. The playstyle requires you to track your stacks on SW even more without and support legs, but it is viable. An incense torch, and the new sweeping wind belt should really make the playstyle more manageable. This build also has a decent power ramp up with Tzo Krin’s and when you can get the new fist weapon for your cube, so it should be able to get to a point of clearing T7 pretty fast. Getting toughness high enough for T10 will take a bit, but with Tzo Krin you have the advantage of being ranged. Now on the the good sets. WD -- Jade Harvester is a strong starting set. The 2p bonus combined with the Creeping Death passive immediately allows you to start hitting mobs for anywhere from 30-50m or more per cast depending on your gear. Best rune to use early on is the one that hits two targets at once to up your clearing speed. The 4p bonus is mostly just gravy extra stats from Soul harvest, but once you get the 6p it becomes a very nice nuke. The build starts out strong with just the 2p and gets even better with supports like Quetz Helm. I can see this one ramping up to doing T7 easily. I was killing T6 fairly well with the 6p and rares. Sader -- Invoker set is a slower starter, but really gets going with 6p. Thorns scales well with just strength. The 2p bonus allows your thorns to aoe and you can buff it up by attacking. If you happened to find a Hack on the way to 70 this build would be a strong starter, but without hack the 2p and 4p are only mediocre in terms of clear speed and whatnot. Early on using Bed of Nails helps with AoE killing a lot. The 4p is really hard to benefit from without a belt of the trove because of the long cooldown on Bombardment. The 6p really ramps up the killing speed of this build. One reason is because each piece of the set always has thorns on it so getting to 6p gives a decent amount. The big advantage of Thorns Sader is that you don’t need crit or crit damage at all on gear. Only Bombardment benefits from crit stats and that is only a primary focus in LoN builds, so you can gear a lot like old broken promises builds. I was killing very quickly once the 6p is netted. The biggest benefit of this build is that your weapon doesn’t matter at all for anything other than a stat stick. Best in slot is a Pig Sticker because it has an extra primary stat and you can even reroll away the damage affix for more stats. Early on Hack is going to be useful so save them up if possible. Support items for this build mostly provide toughness (Aquila, Belt of The Trove, Justice Latern, Blood Brother in cube, etc). Most of the damage comes from thorns, str and skill interaction (new leg thorns gem should be your focus). DH -- Shadow set starts slower than WD probably a little faster than Sader, but explodes at 6p. By far the strongest 6p option as a fresh character in a mix of rares. While the other builds were topping out around 50 million crit damage with their 6p’s, on this build my minimum white hits were in the 250 million range. I was critting close to or over a billion with about 300ish k sheet damage. This build really ramps up. The only caveat is that is single target (well Richochet and the Cold run for Impale hit more than one target, but only the first hit takes crazy damage). This can be alleviated early on by getting area damage rolls on your shoulders, gloves and weapon. At least having rolls on one or two of them is really helpful more is just icing on the cake. Starting out is a little slower with this set though. The 2p bonus isn’t bad because it is a 600% damage bonus, but to use it you have to use a melee weapon and that locks down your skill selection severely. Before having 6p , the best setup I found was using the Fan of Knives rune that makes it cost hatred instead of having a cooldown (because it can be spammed while casting your generator) and then using Thunderball Bola or The Grenade rune that gives extra hatred along with Nightstalker passive to get 11 hatred per gen cast and just spam gens while using FoK on Cooldown. This build uses Boar Companion, Shadow Power, and a shield for toughness. The real advantage of DH over other classes is crafting a supporting weapon is easy. Upgrading rare daggers is a 50/50 Chance to get either the Impale Dagger or the FoK dagger. The FoK dagger is the better option before 6p, at 6p I would immediately switch to Impale. If you happen to find a Dawn while leveling save it for the cube because that is your biggest upgrade in the cube for all DH builds. The hatred from Seethe really helps this build and if you also get the new helm the extra toughness is good as well. Any leveling group running DH, Sader, or WD in it should have no problems jumping Torment levels as soon as they hit 70 and get their sets. The other classes start slower, but still are good once they hit 6p and snag a couple support items. I wouldnt make a party of all wizards, barbs, or monks to start, but having one or two in your party won’t be an issue once the 6p is achieved. The plan next season is to hit 70 to get 2p then use 2p to go kill Kulle on T2. Any group combo that contains at least one or two of my top three picks should be able to do that really easy in a full party with whatever they picked up on the way to 70. That way the whole group has 4p. Then the party can farm T4 rifts using their 4p sets to unlock GR20 and get some GR keys. At that point the group should split and all do solo GR20 to get 6p. Then the entire party should be able to move on to T6 or T7 depending on any lucky Leg drops gained during that process.