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Found 13 results

  1. So from my understanding people got to go to Massive headquarters to help them fix the game. Which hearing that impressed me that they still care about this game at this point to try and fix it. Here is a video talking about some of the changes. I think I will give The Division another shot once it is out. I MERGED THE TWO THREADS. -Hoppy
  2. Division Underground

    June 28th Xbox/PC - PS4 will be a few weeks later.
  3. PC The Division

    Anyone playing this on PC hit me up. Uplay handle is Thejudgement. Hadn't been around for awhile because I ditched Xbox for PC.
  4. So as some people have mentioned in other threads... High Value Target (HVT) Missions are one of the fun-est things you can do in The Division after patch 1.2. Specifically we are talking about the two most difficult Weekly HVT Missions, which will drop a guaranteed Minty Green 214/240 gear for completing the mission and a possible RNG drop from the Boss. OH and pay attention to the YELLOW drops because these missions will drop 182 and 204 weapons! This video shows the inventory of my Skill Build char (1 of 3 chars) and my Stash (Junk Items) and you will see I have a bunch of Minty Greens. Now you may be saying that the Weekly mission can only be done once a week and that isn't that great, but that doesn't mean your buddies don't sill have the mission available. So play with them and have them buy the mission with their Target Intel. Ok so you don't have any TAG friends or maybe all of your friends have already done it??? Well unless you are adverse to talking and making friends with XBOXLive... you can go to your map screen and hit 'Y' for Matchmaking. Join a few groups and ask if they are down to get some Minty Green gear sets and tell them all about the HVT missions. Most still don't know about them and most of the time they aren't a part of TAG and could use some friends to be able to complete the very difficult weekly missions which do require 4 people working together. ALSO... a slight glitch that still requires you to kill all enemies and does not allow you any shortcuts, but does allow you to continue to 'do' the weekly missions over and over is to: Pulse the boss once he comes out. Everyone runs outside the mission area. You MUST be able to 'see' the diamond/silhouette/name while outside the mission area. Wait for the mission to fail. Return to the mission area and kill the boss and get an RNG chance of a minty Green drop. Then you go back to the BoO and redo the mission free of charge. Rinse and Repeat. Some other things to remember... Once one person enters the mission area the timer starts and all members of the group must get inside the mission area within a minute or two otherwise the mission will fail and all enemies will disappear. By the way, Search and Destroy missions at each Safe House Map Board will give you Target Intel and doing them solo is WAY easier, but if you do them in a group everyone get the Target Intel which will allow your group to do more HVT Missions overall. Feel free to invite me to your group to do some Weekly HVT missions!
  5. Division Loot Caves

    New Loot Cave Discovered [Russion Consulate]- Shortly after, someone discovered this works for Lincoln Tunnel as well, which most would agree is a much easier mission-
  6. General Assembly Glitch

    Titles says it all really, just a very fast way to farm General Assembly using Mobile Cover to glitch through a bunch of walls and doors. Thanks to /u/Lithtril for making it a lot easier. Apologies in advance for the recording frame rate, I don't record much and I decided to use Windows Game Bar, which is awful. Source:
  7. PS4 Player List

    Didn't see a player list for PS4, so thought I would start one- Username - Gamertag Aviatorweldon - Aviatorweldon LilUbo - LittleUbo Kriv - Kriv99 Stevie Knuckles - Me! reallynotthefbi BadCooky81 - BadCooky81
  8. Midas dropped for me. It's apparently the OP gun to have. I'm kinda disappointed that I got it already. I mean, it was definitely nice and I am thankful. Don't want anyone to think otherwise. But I'm concerned about how this may impact the rest of you. It certainly doesn't make me a better person than you, merely because god likes me more than ya'll. I just don't want you guys to become disheartened that I've been chosen to be above you. What do you little people think?
  9. If you have a strong group full of happy-go-lucky viril men then you too can accomplish what StrongBad, Pachucobro, AJINURFACE and I have done.
  10. After reaching level 12-15...

    After dinging 'round 12 I's suggest hitting the Dark Zone. Getting to DZ 10 is ridiculously quick compared to the story game. You'll be getting much better gear that'll allow ya to breeze through story missions that are higher level than you. Sub-guns appear to be best for pvp right now, too.
  11. The Division - Builds and Strats

    Miodec Division Skill Calculator If somebody has a better site for something like this, I'm open to switching this out for something with already up-to-date information I thought it would be a good idea to setup a space to discuss and post possible build-outs. Using the site linked above, we can get an idea of what skills, talents, and perks might play well together and formulate concepts for character and group builds.
  12. 1) Cannot play until Chuckles can. 2) leveling higher than Chuckles is verboten. 3) Killing Chuckles in DZ will see you in Hell; standing still while he shoots (at) you is damned near angelic behavior.
  13. The beta is was pretty fun last night! I can't decide if it was because I was a higher level than everybody or because everyone was lower than I. Beneath me, one might say... It offers a very small glimpse into the story missions, with only two main missions on offer. The enemies for just those two missions varied, with differing map layouts that kept a feeling of freshness (which, as with all things, will lose its luster around the 20th play through). It's 3rd person, over the shoulder but done pretty damned smoothly. I always prefer 1st person yet honestly couldn't find anything to bitch about. The UI is designed intelligently. During live play it is minimalist yet informative and can be toggled as you wish. The character and equipment menu did take a little bit to get used to. Once you get it, though, you get it. Items are separated into categories. You're immediately informed of extra information in the main menu and, upon entering further are immediately shown where that extra equipment, etc., can be found. Seriously, the UI is very friggin' handy. Particularly in comparison with other "like" games. Will be interesting to see how it holds up within the full release. The combat is much better than I expected. I typically require a hard science fiction or fantasy setting to offset the ability to eat bullets and/or take 20 sword slashes to the face as another quaint day at the office. However, even within a "modern" setting with typical modern weapons, the combat was still fluid (ohmygawdyes more on this later), dynamic and most importantly worked within the setting! I had absolute no problem needing to pump rounds into the baddies. And, honestly, I was having too much fun to give it more than a passing thought during gameplay. The enemy AI uses cover well. On harder difficulties it uses it very well. Its group tactics are varied with the harder difficulty making them a pure bitch to deal with at times (YAY!). I may play this on the harder modes simply for the better experience. It's not (so far) staid and kept from feeling cookie-cutter. The team I was with was constantly forced to actually apply thought into gun battles when on Hard. AI providing cover as others rushed to both close-in and to lob grenades. With the fluid back and forth of combating squads you're pervaded with the feeling that you're not safe. Currently, the specs for the weapons is a bit confusing to me. Not their overall usefulness but their described stats. I'm assuming it's just a beta thang but so close to release...maybe I'm missing something. Some weapons appear to hold a higher "stat score" than others of the same type, even though the others show higher DPS, fire rate, and extra bonus stats. The mods didn't affect this so I'm confuggled. The Dark Zone, a multi-player PvPvE, is a study in paranoia and twitchy fingers. Stupid work, gotta go.