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Found 1 result

  1. Looking for FO4 advice

    I have loved and enjoyed this game so much! So much so, that I just built and built and side quested FOREVER...well at least until I hit level 75, when I FINALLY decided to start playing through the main story. Mostly because of what I had read that it was disappointingly short and I love this game so much I have been stretching it out. So now that I am actually been playing the main story line, I am at a dilemma and open to suggestions on what do do from here (hopefully without spoilers, please) I am currently at the Mass Relay mission. To this point, I have befriended all factions; even through Bunker Hill where no one shot at me and I killed the Courser. (although the game was a little buggy finishing that mission) Since I started playing it has been my intention to end the game with the Minutemen ending. However I am also at the point where I have had Father tell me that he wants me to head up the Institute, and that was after I supplied the guns to the Institute rebels who are waiting for me to 'Continue working with Father'. So...I am not really sure where to go from here. Like I said....I would prefer the Minutemen ending. But the idea of succeeding Father running the Institute intrigues me. Any advice on what to do? I guess I could do go the Institute route for Mass Fusion and lose the BOS....but what consequences can I expect? Thanks in advance for any good advice I can put to use.