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Found 7 results

  1. Halo 5 Game Night - Thursdays

    Official TAG Halo 5 Game Night Every Thursday starting 10-11est All players of all skill welcome, but as a TAG hosted night, we'll abide by TAG guidelines We play a variety of game types, matchmaking and custom, that scale to size and desire of the crowd You can voice a preference, but do not be overbearing as we all like different game types best All whiners will be assassinated and tea bagged Forged maps are great, but please, no unfinished products. Play test them before hand if at all possible
  2. I know its a little less than a month away, however I am throwing down the Gauntlet down and offering my first hosting sessions for TAG on Thursday nights once this GOTY (IMHO) comes out. So I am calling on all TAG Spartans to join me so we can open up some cans of Multilplayer whoop @$$ starting on Thursday 11-13-14. What say you TAG?
  3. Thinking we need a separate thread for people to coordinate meeting up to play Campaign Co-Op. For example....on launch night, we had a full 4some and banged out the first two missions on Legendary- so now I'm looking for 3 people to meet up with me to continue on Mission 3. Tonight being our weekly Halo I would like to get some peeps to join me on Friday night at 10 EST to help me continue the fight. Any takers?
  4. Forge

    I don't know about you guys but towards the end of my time with Halo 3 and Reach, I was spending almost as much time in Forge as I was playing the actual game. For this reason, the information provided for Halo 5's Forge is incredibly exciting for me.
  5. Halo 2 Sprint

    Maybe some of you remember hearing about this, Bungie was at one point considering adding sprint to Halo 2. It just made me chuckle a bit because playing some of the classic Halos with y'all make me realize how many people probably now wish this had been added Halo 10 years ago.
  6. MCC Xbox One and 40" TV for $500

    MCC 500 GB Xbox One and 40" 1080p LED Smart TV, all for $499.98 from Bestbuy. This has got to be one of the best deals for the Xbox One that I've ever seen, personally I'm trying to find a friend to go 80/20 with so he can take a 40" TV for 100 dollars and I can get the new Xbox One that I need! The only real negatives I can see is that there is no delivery (So only in-store pickup) and the hard drive is the smaller 500gb one but these are just minor details. If you are walking the line between buying and not buying an Xbox One I highly reccomend taking advantage of this offer! My source: EDIT: Also deal is unfortunately probably only available in North America as this is a Best Buy offer :/