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Found 3 results


    Hey guys, Thanx for the add. I'm looking for a group to help me do WOTM and VOG. Havent had luck finding a somewhat static team to learn and have fun with. I'm a working dad in Florida, so I'm on after 7pmEST daily and pretty much free on weekends. Hit me up PSN: ninjamidget
  2. Macbook help!

    I have an a friend that has an older mac notebook (i believe he said 5 years old) and hes having issues with it. Particularly he turns it on and after about 10-20 minutes it becomes so bogged down that he needs to restart it in order to use it and it happens every time he tries to use it. Is it possible viruses or spy/malware? Too many programs sucking up resources? If so are there programs that can be used (preferably free) that can be used to remedy the problem/s? I'm not to familiar with macs so any assistance on trying to resolve the issue would be more than helpful. Thanks in advance! P.S. If you may need more info on the particulars to help feel free and ask and i'll try to get the info needed.
  3. Jet Pilot Suggestions

    Anyone Have any suggestions on how to Pilot a Jet effectively and obtain kills? I've mastered Helicopter Piloting, but the jet just seems like the hardest air vehicle to pilot because its speed and the amount of time in lining up a good strafing run to take out another air vechile or land based units. Any suggestions or videos that someone can post up will be greatly appreciated. Since now it is even harder to be of any use in a Jet if you didn't master it at the beginning since most players have the Heatseaker and rocket pod gadgets equipped which means newbie pilots like me get pwned everytime we even attempt to try it out :(