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Found 7 results

  1. TAG Minecraft Realm Now Active

    I created a Minecraft realm strictly for us this past weekend. If you own the Windows 10, XB1, iOS, Android, GearVR, or soon to come Switch versions, you can play in our realm whenever you want at any time. No need for a host to be online. Up to 10 concurrent players able to be online at the same time. If anyone is interested and is already on my Xbox Live friends list, just reply below that you want an invite. If you aren't on my FL yet, reply below and let me know so we can friend up and I can get you an invite. I'm looking forward to some more MC action in between my Destiny binges! IMPORTANT NOTE FOR XBOX 1 USERS: Make sure you download the new version of Minecraft from the XBL store. The new version is just called Minecraft. The Xbox Live Edition is now operating as a separate version and will not allow access to realms and what not.
  2. Maybe?!

    Is there any interest in an Adult only minecraft pc server? I'm getting that itch again but not sure if I want to start a server up again!
  3. $229 Xbox One S: Minecraft Edition

    It's another steal-deal from Microsoft (and other participating outlets), today only: Just $229 will get you the new Xbox One S Minecraft Edition and the respect of your peers mixed with the fervent jealousy of those pinko-commie vegetarianist Playstation owners. https://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/Xbox-One-S-Minecraft-Favorites-Bundle-500GB/productID.5060521700?icid=en_US_homepage_hero_2_MinecraftSave70_161216&tduid=(527dca1c9831c61315c6c42ad3685b2f)(256380)(2459594)(te1Fq2FCseg-n6nooPvnj5l8IDnfNlwpfA)()

  5. I have created a group called CreeperSquad on the Standard Survival server. I am hoping to find a few people to play with. There is a PvP and raiding system in place on this server. My plan is to set up a well hidden production base, then build an incursion base closer to potential targets with a footprint in both the nether and the overworld. From the incursion base we could pvp and raid without leading back to our infrastructure. The Standard Survival server is running its 5th iteration so there is a bit of a core group that plays there and knows each other. From what I can tell there are several groups on the server that like to think of themselves as PvPers and raiders but probably haven't had a real challenge in a while. I often find that people in such a position will have hilarious reactions to being challenged. I would like to play further mind games with them by being completely silent in all server channels/forums during all incursion operations. I would like to unnerve our targets by not acknowledging them in any way; no banter, no shit talk, and never any qq. I want them to feel like they never know when we are coming and there is nothing they can do to get to us. If there are any of you that feel like this could be diabolical enough to be some fun, let me know and I can get you added to the group. The base I have set up is quite a hike and is very hard to find, but I can give you cords for hidden midway points to help you get out there, and the hidden entrances to the base itself. ---------- I will just describe a little of what I have done and what needs to be done so you can get a better idea of the operation. I have just built a very basic setup for now. I have cows, chickens, wheat, sugar, pumpkins and carrots in a farm I dug into a hill and covered up. The only evidence the base exists is a small chimney on top of a cliff for the AFK fish farm. I will probably take that down once we begin PvP incursion operations. I have dug a shaft to bedrock and have started digging out mining tunnels from down there. I have encountered an abandoned mine shaft nearby that still needs to be fully explored/looted. In the base I also have an enchanting table, anvil, and nether portal. In the nether I secured the chunk where the portal spawned for the group and built a cobblestone bunker around the portal. I have plans to build a slime farm, then a mob farm so I can have plenty of gunpowder, arrows, and sticky pistons. I won't say how I plan to keep it hidden on the off chance someone from the server finds this post, but I have a very good idea for a way to make the most important infrastructure nearly impossible to detect, and equally impossible to raid. I have also found a bunch of horses near the base. I have fished a bunch of saddles from the AFK fish farm. I still need to figure out how I want to deal with the horses but I would like to test them and breed them. I think it will be useful and effective to have the option of raiding on horseback. Some things that need to be done: - Explore the abandoned mine shaft - Find more lapis for enchanting and diamonds for equipment - Develop a horse breeding site - Set up an Alchemy lab - Find a slime chunk - Build a slime farm - Build a mob farm - Set up an XP farm if needed - Build a system of portals for fast travel to an incursion base - Build an incursion base in both the nether and the overworld. - Test PvP rules and tools (TNT cannons) - Profit? ------- If anyone else has current Minecraft projects going on, I would also be interested in participating with those. I enjoy doing builds in creative mode on occasion as well. Here are a few things I built 4 years ago: Lodge/Cabbin: Fortress Project:
  6. Ok so the update is now out and working... As promised I will be creating a new world this evening that will be available for all of TAG. I will use this world to play on a permanent basis so that means when I am playing Minecraft this world will be what I am playing on. I will also consider leaving the XBOX online during the day if there is enough interest outside of my 'not at work' hours, read as 'gaming' hours'. The seed I will use is 'pachucobro'. I have mapped it all out already to make sure there is every biome, snow, sand, mountains, grasslands, etc. There is also a large inland body of water and rivers so making boats will be just as important as minecarts to move quickly around the map. Now for the poll... When is the best time to have the most people online to join the new world? Since that is the most fun and excitement when 8 people are spawning in an open field and only have a few minutes of daylight to get a base hut setup for protection. I will delay starting up the new world till this optimum time... can't wait. Post up your earliest time that way we know anytime after that is cool.
  7. Tree Farm... RAWR!

    Here is a pic of my Tree Farm I have been testing without any bone meal. This is after about 5 days in real time and let's say maybe about 20-25 hours in game time. The Farm is 16x7 with 24 torches including the ones you can see on the bottom floor edge and 94 saplings. More Minecraft pics at: http://www.photobuck...cobro-minecraft The layout plan is from: http://www.minecraft...ls/Tree_Farming under Efficient Tree Farming and only works with the Birch and Oak trees. The structure to facilitate harvesting was my own little design. The tops of the trunks are mostly 5 blocks high and one or two 6 blocks high which means I can axe them all from the ground without stepping on anything. Also trees won't grow branches unless they are 6 blocks tall so these don't branch out and block the growth of other trees down below. I am approximating with the loss of the few spots where a torch exists within the trunks I have about 560 wood in there now, which means about 2,240 wood planks!