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Found 23 results

  1. This is the last week to get your rewards for Overwatch, namely the D.Va skin, player icon, and 10 loot boxes from Heroes of the Storm. I'm trying to get a headcount of who else needs them. @mielik @Chuckles @JustCallMeTip22 - is there anyone else? Post here and how many more matches you need.
  2. Chinese New Years

    Overwatch is getting a Chinese New Years even starting Jan 24. Every event has had new costumes for characters with some new limited-time game type. Here's a possible leak of four characters (tre awesome if true!) http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-01-19-overwatch-celebrating-chinese-new-year-with-new-mei-d-va-skins Can't capture the pic for the life of me If they don't make Hanzo's ult into dancing dragons I'll be slightly peeved.
  3. Christmas with Overwatch!

    Blizzard just confirmed, via Twitter, that the Christmas season for Overwatch will begin Dec 13. I haven't found further info (skins, maps, boxes, etc.) on their sites nor on Youtube. As soon as I do I'll let you know! And if you find out before me, don't be shy!!!
  4. Season 3 Gab

    I'm highly interested in getting ideas on what everyone would like to play as, etc., so we could build up an idea of what our team work should look like. Beyond our need to stick together. I can take up ol' Whiney Reiny for our shield.
  5. Arcade (1v1, 3v3, 6v6)

    Here's what 3v3 looks like (with our good friend PuttPutt22) and a quick 'n happy teabag by @CaptainToay43 I still can't find my other captures. I'll post 'em if they still exist somewhere.
  6. Season 3 Sign Up

    #MOGA 1) @Chuckles (KillerOfBunnies) 2) @Hanna (Anna759) 3) @CaptainToay43 4) @SithWarrior 5)
  7. Sombra

    More information soon...
  8. Overwatch Master List

    XBOX ONE @Chuckles KillerOfBunnies @SithWarrior C1sithwarrior @romanodog @JustCallMeTip22 @Amish Ronin @BrotherTheodore @Zenlizard @taintedzodiac @CaptainToay43 @Toni @scotty918 @Made33 @Mr_Rad @anthem_pt3 @Shoukori @CaptNink @CYL0N @WARIER xWARIERx PLAYSTATION 4 @ayumex @weedwhat weed_what @SithWarrior @CaptainToay43 PC @SithWarrior @anthem_pt3 @CaptainToay43 @taintedzodiac @JustCallMeTip22 @mielik @TNT
  9. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749157269 http://kotaku.com/blizzards-chris-metzen-retires-1786555645 @Chuckles Metzen voiced Soldier 76.
  10. New Overwatch Map

  11. LEGENDARY!!!

    @romanodog makes Legendary! As far as I know he's the first in TAG to do so. @DukeSavesLives cried a li'l. 'Twas that kind o' moment.
  12. Anna is live!

    She's up and about. Looks like she doesn't deliver headshot crits.
  13. Overwatch: Ana

    Does she seem a bit too good to be true to anyone else?
  14. It's up and running on Xbox, yo! This is the time to seriously get our teams going. http://m.ign.com/articles/2016/06/30/overwatch-competitive-play-releasing-for-pc-today
  15. Overwatch Wednesdays

    Or OW for short. BRING THE PAIN!!! While e'ry day shall find me and likely others hilariously pretending at l33tness we'll be trying to get everyone together on Wednesdays for some TAGicide madness. For those not in the know: OW is a fun and action-packed multiplayer shooter full of colorful characters. Each play differently, with their own strengths and weaknesses, and you'll invariably find one (or much more) that fit your style. Go long with the snipers, short with the tanks or absolutely insane with everyone else! It's squad-based, meaning six players to a team with two teams duking it out. Communication is key, usually via swearing and crying to a multitude of deities.
  16. Vote for an Overwatch Night!

    The idea, obviously, is to gather everyone together to play, have fun, and even form up groups to challenge each other and outside teams with. For my part I would be overjoyed to learn all of your weaknesses... I'm kinda partial to Overwatch Wednesdays just for the wordplay. But maybe Mondays to help erase the horrors that the prophet Garfield has been warning us of for decades.
  17. Just wondering is there enough for an overwatch night?
  18. Overwatch Roll Call

    Okay, who's playin' and who'll be lookin' to play in a TAG team? Which is your fav/best character to use? Etc. etc. My character to use is kinda up in the air. I'm kick-ass with Tracer and Symmetra but am seeing myself playing Mei and Lucio more.
  19. I think I may only pick up one. Since both are heavily team reliant, figured I would get the game most Taggers are getting.