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Found 7 results

  1. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    So the PS4 Pro launch is happening and the first reviews are trickling in... Looking pretty decent for the money.
  2. Ryse: Son of Rome

    Anyone have Ryse and feel like playing it? I'd be up MP, the arena is pretty fun.
  3. Life of Black Tiger

    GotY right here folks!
  4. Well that hums the dogs balls alright...
  5. What do you do at work?

    Like the title says, do you guys do at work? I like to make tape balls. My current one is about the size of a cantaloupe and weighs almost 4lbs. It's all tape, no starter core.
  6. Death Stranding E3 reveal

    So the reveal for Hideo Kojima's new game was during Sony's E3 presentation. It looks "interesting" to say the least, though typical Kojima IMO, stars Norman Reedus and lots of dead whales and fish. Hopefully it'll be something a bit different than what Kojima has been doing for ages now, though I have a feeling it'll be more of the same.
  7. God of War

    I haven't played a GoW game since the PS2 days, but it was hella fun. The new GoW trailer shown at E3 looks killer (PS4 or Neo?) with a bit of gameplay change up.