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Found 32 results

  1. Gems of War

    I took a long break from Gems of War on PS4 and just recently returned to it after focusing on Warframe and Horizons (all trophy's in both as far as focus and WF I have everything now just waiting for new content). Anyway GoW is changed a ton and I like it a lot so I'm back into playing it a lot again and we still need some members for the clan so if you are a PS4 player and want to join please search for the TAG (The Adult Gamer) clan in game and just join (no invite required currently). Or message me on PSN or here and I'll fire you an invite. I have a fair amount of bonus stuff from in game purchases if you join in the next few days I think you are still able to acquire. Hope to see you all in game Cheers Calvin
  2. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I just finished my first 80+ hour playthrough of Horizon's Zero Dawn on the PS4 Pro. Astounding, amazing. This is now the bench mark for best SP game that i will be judging all other games against finally knocking the long running previous champ (The Last of Us - which is still a must play). Anyway I just have one minor achievement to polish off after this post and I'll have the platinum trophy. I can't wait for the new DLC just listed in the PSN Store. TL DR. Buy a PS4 or PS4 pro and get Horizon Zero Dawn it's easily the best SP game experience I've ever had in my 30+ years of gaming. Hope all is well Cheers Calvin
  3. Prequel to Life is Strange has been announced, not too sure how I feel bout it. I loved Life is Strange, prolly one of my favorite "your choice" games, however, I don't know if we really need to "know" the events that lead up to Max' return. It isn't developed by Dontnod (the devs. of LIS, who have stated that they are working on LIS: season 2) and is only a 3 part series, 4 if you buy the deluxe version of the game (to play "one final time" as Max from LIS).
  4. Far Cry 5

    Looks pretty cool. I have liked the past few FC games FC3/4 (didn't play Primal) and 5 looks to bring more of the FC fun. The whole game is going to be playable in co-op too, which was the one real gripe that I had with FC4. Supposedly the game is getting some heat for the religious cult/militia angle of the story.

    Hey guys, Thanx for the add. I'm looking for a group to help me do WOTM and VOG. Havent had luck finding a somewhat static team to learn and have fun with. I'm a working dad in Florida, so I'm on after 7pmEST daily and pretty much free on weekends. Hit me up PSN: ninjamidget
  6. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Apart from the Xb1 BW compatibility announcement, this was the other thing that caught my interest at this years E3. It's being labeled as an action/RPG.
  7. PS4 Warframe

    hello all hope things are going well. Just thought I'd pop in and say hello. You can all find me on the PS4 currently playing Warframe 95% of the time and the other 5% is a mix of a host of other games. I recently upgraded to a PS4 Pro and threw in a 2 TB Firecuda HD and I'm enjoying the 4k upscaling but looking forward to when DE does some tweaks to the Warframe game for the PS4 Pro. See you all online. Cheers Calvin
  8. Well the game has been out for a couple years now so hopefully most have had the chance to play through it. I finally finished it up recently and have to say one of the best games I have played in a while. The story, characters and soundtrack are all top notch. Easily the most feels I've had in a game in a long while. @studknckl @CaptainToay43 @romanodog
  9. Courtesy of Kotaku: PS4 FINALLY getting external hard Drive Support
  10. The PS4 Pro Thread...

    So the PS4 Pro launch is happening and the first reviews are trickling in... Looking pretty decent for the money.
  11. Titanfall 2 TUESDAY nights on XBox One. Look for @studknckl or @hybridhavoc or @Wolfrat for rooms If anyone is hosting on PS4 let us know. @SithWarrior @scotty918 ?
  12. Booboo, you're gonna love this. You can bet it's already on my wishlist.
  13. Life of Black Tiger

    GotY right here folks!
  14. Destiny Clan

    I created a clan on Bungie's website for TAG. Here's a link to it at Bungie's website. It's open to both Xbox Live & Playstation. To keep out the riffraff, I left it with the default setting of needing admin (me) approval to accept new members. Mission StatementTo crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. Adult gamers, 21 & over, PC, Xbox, Playstation - see The Adult Gamer
  15. Anyone here get the Bioshock collection? The BS series is one of my favourite franchises, I'm wondering how the "HD" remastering in it is, the first two games could really benefit from it I'd think. As much as I love the series I don't know if I could play through them again, especially with such a loaded fall lineup. Impressions?
  16. Neverwinter (PS4)

    Is anyone else enjoying this game, I sure would like some friends, my dudes name is ChickenNugger
  17. So in my quest for better headset Audio I heard lots of good things about the new HYPER X CLOUD REVOLVER headset. Its compatible with PC/PS4/XB1 so if you have all 3 then you are set! They are only "Stereo" but by definition all headsets are STEREO. The soundstage on these is fantastic though! You can really hear distance on these. The headset has 50mm drivers and decent bass. There are no EQ options but overall the sound is pretty good. You can easily hear footsteps in Titanfall,Gears Ultimate and Halo 5. Audio info Via Reddit The number one thing I want to mention is that I have a large head and this headset actually fits great!! Not too snug and not too loose. It is also very light and wearing it for long periods you won't notice. The ear cups are very nice. The build quality also seems above what comes from Turtle Beach and Astro. This headset is made to last. If you are on PS4/XB1 it plugs right into the controller. For PC you attach it to the Puck extension that plugs into the PC Sound card. Overall I am pretty happy with this due to the COMFORT and the sound quality. I would like it if they made one down the line with a mixer or EQ options. The going retail for this is around $105 USD on most sites like Amazon/Newegg
  18. I'm sounding a call for anyone planning on playing The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4. I've preordered the game, and would prefer to play with some TAG company over randoms. I've got no faction allegiance, though I'm thinking I'll play a Nord or Khajiit. Luckily the preorder bonus is the ability to create any race within any alliance. Let the forum know if you're planning on playing!
  19. Streaming these 2 back & forth for next couple of days.
  20. I think I may only pick up one. Since both are heavily team reliant, figured I would get the game most Taggers are getting.
  21. I was looking around in the PS4 community section for the first time this morning. I didn't see one for TAG. Are we interested in starting one? I think it would be a great way to find each other online since we can't add groups to the friends list. It would also make it easier for new TAG members to find us. If we want it but no one wants to manage it, I do not mind managing it. (Also not sure what our rules are on who runs in game communities.)
  22. SFV

    For those interested in how SFV currently is, I did a few hours of steaming (I have Steam version). There are 16 characters in it currently: 6 traditional, 6 that haven't been seen in a while, & 4 new. Certain things are still unavailable like the challenges & the shop, which are both due come March. My guess is that the 1st season pass with the 6 additional characters will release at around the same time. Wasn't too keen on certain things, like not being able to choose the character before the match. You have to go into the main main menu, choose the character then go back out. That could get real annoying real quick having to do so over & over. I also would have liked the match requests to be available on certain modes & not on others, while I'm playing with the setting the last thing I want to see is the "here comes a new challenger" screen.
  23. Full scale rumor mongering here, but it looks like the next season aka DLC for R6S will be announced after the tourney or whatever event at Pax East which is this weekend. Thought is that the DLC might then be available just a week or two later (so mid-May). First post says moderators have been talking about it, but I didn't verify. LINK to R6S forum post (login required probably)
  24. PS4 Player List

    Didn't see a player list for PS4, so thought I would start one- Username - Gamertag Aviatorweldon - Aviatorweldon LilUbo - LittleUbo Kriv - Kriv99 Stevie Knuckles - Me! reallynotthefbi BadCooky81 - BadCooky81
  25. XBox One cross platform play

    Cross platform play is coming to XBox One/ Win 10 prolly the coolest tidbit is this: Cross platform play XB1--->PS4. However, will devs. ever implement it...