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Found 5 results

  1. Xbox One Players List

    Let's gather all of The Division player for Xbox One. I have compiled a list of usernames and gamertags for everyone to add one another. If you would like to be added or see a typo in your gamertag, let me know. Click (View Stats) to check out each persons stats in The Division. Username - Gamertag Toni - Kronic Herba (View Stats) Dr Superb - Dr Superb (View Stats) Strongbad11 - Strongbad1900 (View Stats) Chuckles - KillerOfBunnies (View Stats) Lobstah - Lobstah (View Stats) BDaddyK - BDaddyK (View Stats) Stealthcat - STEALTH 042 (View Stats) Odditysmurf - Odditysmurf1 (View Stats) Locowhodat430 - Locowhodat430 (View Stats) PachucoBro - xTAGxPachucoBro (View Stats) LaziestNinja - laziestn1nja (View Stats) Bigbulletdome - Bigbulletdome (View Stats) Reerun865 - reerun865 (View Stats) Hoggle - CthulhuRises999 (View Stats) hybridhavoc - HYBR1D HAV0C (View Stats) Made 33 - Made33 (View Stats) Hoptimus - HoptimusMax1mus
  2. Falling through map

    Has this happened to any of you guys?
  3. So one thing to keep in mind for those of you lone wolfs who hate to get on the mic and be social... To rank up fast in The Division you need to group up with others when running Missions and hitting all the Side Missions and Encounters. Yes the enemies do scale down/up depending on the number of players and ranks that are in your group even if they aren't there next to you, BUT... as StrongBad noted last night when he was solo-ing the final mission... You will blow through missions and NPC/AI bad guys when you have 3 or 4 people even if you don't have mic/comms. It is so much easier to be healed and switch aggro to other people when there are multiple agents in the fight. There's been plenty of times in the last week where I was tired of the headset on my head, but I still grouped up with some GP to run through bad guys like a hot knife through butter.
  4. Streaming Sunday - The Division

    I am streaming this evening with my son and TAGgers. Feel free to check it out...
  5. Level 30

    Hit level 30 tonight! Took me 28.5 hours to achieve. Crafted a high end pistol which is crazy lethal, and am waiting for more high end craftings to show up tomorrow. Time to grind out some tools and the daily missions for Phoenix Credits!! If you're on the fence with buying this game, get it! You will not regret! Got my DZ rank to 22 and did 2 of the dailys. They are easy on Hard, but Challenging is insane.