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Found 45 results

  1. Prequel to Life is Strange has been announced, not too sure how I feel bout it. I loved Life is Strange, prolly one of my favorite "your choice" games, however, I don't know if we really need to "know" the events that lead up to Max' return. It isn't developed by Dontnod (the devs. of LIS, who have stated that they are working on LIS: season 2) and is only a 3 part series, 4 if you buy the deluxe version of the game (to play "one final time" as Max from LIS).
  2. Here's the main article: And they shall weep as Sony blood runs thick and red as viscous rivers of discord and the very skies shall quake and treble from the songs of agony shrieked by Playstation fanbois praying for an absolution that will never be! Here's the video that delves into the main specs and other things. Further videos are promised to detail everything else.
  3. So I guess Microsoft is/was giving away free XBox games if you watch their E3 presentations via Mixer. I got 4 free games: Rare Replay No Time to Explain The Final Station Readstone Specialist Skin Pack Funny thing is I didn't watch anything via Mixer, I watched the MS E3 show on demand via XBLE app (or whatever that app is called). Anyone else get any free games?
  4. So the new Xbox system looks to be having its reveal sooner rather than later. Various sources are pointing to Microsoft showing off their system "sometime this week", with even a few stating Thursday as the big day. The idea would be to allow Microsoft to unfuck themselves away from their last absolutely avoidable trainwreck Xbox One reveal at E3. A console reveal complete with hardware nerdgasms early on would allow the company to concentrate on what the system is supposed to be designed for: videogames. Nothing official so far from MS but with most of the outlets singing the same tune...
  5. Xbox updated UI

    I was all prepared to bitch about the new dashboard (I don't like the look) but holy hannah is it quick! If it stays this quick I'll upgrade the dashboard UI to just "garbage".
  6. Gears of War 4 is coming this year!! Meet the new characters
  7. Games with Gold 2017

    Didn't see a topic for the new year for Games with Gold. The March games:
  8. Ryse: Son of Rome

    Anyone have Ryse and feel like playing it? I'd be up MP, the arena is pretty fun.
  9. Path of EXILE on Xbox ONE

    Thanks to @CaptNink for posting this in discord.
  10. Torment Tides of Numenera Feb 27th 2017
  11. XB1 BF1 night?

    Seems like a lot of the XBox crew has gotten BF1, any interest in a BF1 night?
  12. ~$195 Xbox One S at Target

    Today only (12/21) Target is selling reduced-price, 10% discount and a $30 gift card. Various bundles, works to about $195.
  13. The Bioshocks have returned kids!!! The Bioshock games have been added to the XB1 BC program! Easily one of my favourite series that I was hoping would make the jump, though, I thought it wouldn't happen with the remaster being released. Do yourselves a favour and play 'em all through if you haven had the pleasure to yet.
  14. $229 Xbox One S: Minecraft Edition

    It's another steal-deal from Microsoft (and other participating outlets), today only: Just $229 will get you the new Xbox One S Minecraft Edition and the respect of your peers mixed with the fervent jealousy of those pinko-commie vegetarianist Playstation owners.
  15. I am going to kick off the GEARS of WAR 4 TAG night. Gears and Beers. Moving this to SUNDAY nights. I usually play with the Max1mus guys on Sundays and we always have fun and Custom PVP is great if we can get 8-10 folks in the room. Join us. Sunday Nights it is!! Look for @Hoptimus on Sunday nights. XBL - HoptimusMax1mus
  17. NHL 17 EASHL - Xbox One

    I created a league for Xbox one players in EASHL: Team Name: theadultgamers Abbrev: TAG I'm often playing late nights or weekends. Feel free to join up! I need some forwards! Come get away from all the new titles and play some hockey!
  18. So in my quest for better headset Audio I heard lots of good things about the new HYPER X CLOUD REVOLVER headset. Its compatible with PC/PS4/XB1 so if you have all 3 then you are set! They are only "Stereo" but by definition all headsets are STEREO. The soundstage on these is fantastic though! You can really hear distance on these. The headset has 50mm drivers and decent bass. There are no EQ options but overall the sound is pretty good. You can easily hear footsteps in Titanfall,Gears Ultimate and Halo 5. Audio info Via Reddit The number one thing I want to mention is that I have a large head and this headset actually fits great!! Not too snug and not too loose. It is also very light and wearing it for long periods you won't notice. The ear cups are very nice. The build quality also seems above what comes from Turtle Beach and Astro. This headset is made to last. If you are on PS4/XB1 it plugs right into the controller. For PC you attach it to the Puck extension that plugs into the PC Sound card. Overall I am pretty happy with this due to the COMFORT and the sound quality. I would like it if they made one down the line with a mixer or EQ options. The going retail for this is around $105 USD on most sites like Amazon/Newegg
  19. What do you do at work?

    Like the title says, do you guys do at work? I like to make tape balls. My current one is about the size of a cantaloupe and weighs almost 4lbs. It's all tape, no starter core.
  20. The Xbox One has yet another price cut, down to $249. The Xbox One S $299 - 500gb $349 - 1tb $399 - 2tb (release console, may be limited time)
  21. Starting this Friday one of the best games of last ten will be available on XB1 BC, Red Dead Redemption. All 360 disc versions will be playable, and available digitally as well. Time to dust off the old RDR disc and terrorize the dying west again.
  22. RDR TAG Posse!

    So with RDR coming to the XB1 this Friday I figured a TAG posse is in order. What better way to lay the TAG law of the land down than in our own posse. Post up if your interested!
  23. Any interest for Inside?

    Inside is the new game from the devs. that created Limbo. The game has a similar visual esthetic to Limbo, but, with color, still keeping with the 2D puzzler/platfomer gameplay. Looks really cool.