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Class Builds

Recommended Posts

I was looking at different monk buildsguide and thought that it might a good idea to post a directory of Class builds.



Monk Compendium - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/11913191303


Wizard Builds - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9476737586


Witch Doctor Builds - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7350275486


Demon Hunter builds -http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7979319534


Barbarian builds -http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7591980848


How to create a build - How To Make a Build in 2.0


Please post a link to your class build guide and I can add the link here.

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Crazy Fire Force - Wizard



It focuses on fire damage primarily, as I have bracers that give +20% ele fire damage, hoping to get an amulet and gloves to bring that to +60% eventually. 

Basically, using Spectral Blade to build up huge stacks of increased fire damage and then Wave of Force until my mana is gone.  I have been farming T3 with crazy speed this morning using this build, my damage with buffs is ~310k, toughness at ~775k and healing at 2800.  I might be able to do T4 but not sure.


Things that could definitely be altered in the build: 

- Energy Armor: this could be changed based on survival needs and damage needs.   I took pinpoint for that extra bit of dps.

- Diamond Skin: again, this is based on survival needs.  I like the absorption during crazy fights since as a close range fighter with this build I need the extra protection.


The passives are completely adjustable as well, in addition to the ones I'm using now, I also suggest any/all of the following:

- Conflagration: if your crit chance is on the low side, this is essentially 6% crit chance after fire damage has occurred

- Dominance: if you need extra survivability this is a great option

- Astral Presence: replaces the arcane power from the shield and provides nice regen.  I found that Prodigy provided me with a lot of AP though so I have gone that route



That's it, enjoy!  

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Going to do 2 different Barb builds, will dedicate a single post to each one for ease of consumption.


Epic Boulder Throw Barb



This build focuses on getting to max fury as fast as possible then expending all of the fury at one time for massive boulders.  Because the boulder gives 20% weapon damage per fury spent, the larger the fury pool the better.  However, I was getting a lot of overkill situations, so manage your fury well.


Furious charge is probably the best fury generator in the game right now, granting 10 fury per enemy hit by the charge.  In hectic fights I could easily get to full fury in 1 charge.  


I ended up being in melee range a lot, despite using ranged abilities, which is why overpower and wrenching smash make sense.  Because of this, the weapon throw ability itself is not essential and could be replaced with bash/cleave/frenzy if you prefer those.  I kept it because in a lot of elite fights, I found it useful to be able to hurl weapons from afar to generate some fury while kiting.  


I tested Overpower with Momentum and just did not find that the fury generation was nearly good enough to replace the extra crit chance.  When I had 180 fury in my pool (passives and items) and running along with some damage boost monks I saw upwards of 25m crits in a single boulder throw. 


The nice thing about this build is it is mobile but the downside is it feels like you are micromanaging resources a lot, which gets a bit old after a while.

Seeing huge crit numbers is a ton of fun, though.   So there is that as a big positive.

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Hammer Time Barb



This build is very similar to what I was doing with my Boulder Throw Barb, but replaces the spender of builders with Hammer of the Ancients and uses Bash as a generator.


Despite only changing a couple of skills out, this build feels and plays entirely differently for me.   The Hammer benefits from full fury with crit chance, and having a bigger pool means more crit chance as well as more burst, but it isn't nearly as important as it was for the Boulder build.


This build is also a bit more consistent in its damage output and doesn't suffer from generating excess fury that wasn't needed - something that was a frequent occurrence in my boulder tosses (hitting an enemy for 12m is awesome but not if that enemy only has 2m health remaining).


Despite not being ranged, this build still has good mobility as he range on Hammer and Bash are both pretty good, and the charge is a good escape as well as being a good fury generator.


For each build, replace Marauder's Rage for a War Cry for more survival (Invigorate is the only War Cry rune I use these days).  



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Thanks FAT.

Reminder though that blizzard is likely going to change skills.

For example, monks feel that inner sanctuary : forbidden palace is going to be nerf (overpowered and highly used) and Sweeping Wind:cyclone is broken (EP explosions are procing cyclones like crazy)

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Thanks.  I rolled out my lvl 9 monk this morning and was going to start looking around for a build.  You were nice enough to do it for me.  :s1206:

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At higher torment levels, some skills become ineffective. Overawe's damage boost is not enough to keep you alive in T5/6. So many monks have been using Moc: intimidation as it has AoE 15% damage reduction effect.

I have been trying out MoR: transgression with atk speed boost.

Interesting note: MoC boosts EP damage too.

But i would expect that the 'better monk' would know this already! :flipdesk:

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The faster you kill things less you have to worry about staying alive


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This is a bit long but it's a must read for any Wizard and useful information for other classes as well as I think it still applies for the most part:

How To Make a Build in 2.0


Updated to add this to the top of the thread.

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With all the new people, i was hoping some people would share their builds!

I have been using FAT's wizard build for my wiz and Jolleyman's WD build

Are there any good barb builds? Or other neat builds for any class that can be shared?

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I've been using a physical build for my monk mostly because I got a good doombringer sword and physical damage on my bracers. So I try to use all physical damage dealers.
Here's my build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WdVSfi!bXUh!ccaZZZ
My main attack is way of the hundred fists hands of lightning (which does physical damage even though it says lightning) but I've recently been using crippling wave breaking wave which, since monks do no damage, causes the enemy to take 10% more damage from all sources.
I use dashing strike barrage to jump around the map. Barrage does a decent amount of damage plus it procs on hit effects a bunch of times.
Sweeping wind blade storm because it's physical.
I swap out my mantra based on what is needed but its mostly the attack speed buff.
The rest is basically what everyone else uses.


Here's a link to my monk: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/bromano-1140/hero/1599476

Also since I have a sledgefist and haunt of vaxo my shadow clones are up for 15 seconds every 30 seconds.  Pretty much guaranteed to stun anything so 50% uptime on those guys.

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Here are the builds I'm using:


Monk tank: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#bRfQVY!XbUV!ZcZcab

Focus is on surviving, not damage dealing.  No required legendary items to make this work, just good toughness and some dps friends.  I've gone with a lot of cooldown reduction on my gear, this is to spam your heal/blind/etc


HOTA Barb: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#adjPZR!eWhj!YZYZZa

This build pretty much requires both Reaper Wraps and is a ton better with 4 piece IK set.  Still, figured I'd share it with you all.


Pet WD burst DPS: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#WlQYPT!VRWT!bbbcbb

The purpose of this build is to let the fetishes and gargantuan do your damage for you.  It requires good CHD but not a lot else to be effective.  There are some Legendary items that improve the build, if you can find them: Tasker and Theo Gloves, Mask of Jeram, 4-piece Zunimassa, Starmetal Kukri (1H weapon).  Of course, with any WD, a Thing of the Deep is fun.


Fire DH: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/FAT-1720/hero/22720202

We want to maximize our Cluster Arrows and Fire damage for this build, so get %fire damage everywhere you can and cluster arrow damage where possible.  Magefist and Cindercoat are the big items to farm.  I like the way a 1H plays, but any 2H would also work well for this build.


Shield Throw Crusader: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/FAT-1720/hero/43918935

This build is a lot of fun but does necessitate having one or both required items: the shield is Jekangbord and the 1H is Gyrfalcon's Foote

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This is my frost Wizard build. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#acjSON!cWgS!ZcaZcZ


I primarily Magic Missile the shit out of things. With my Mirror Ball (only a singular extra missile) I can shred all whites in a T2 rift without doing much, solo. 


I reserve my Arcane Orb for elite packs and boss fights. Only use Black Hole when it's going to be either a minimum of ten mobs or it's an elite pack. If I Black Hole an elite pack and then spam Arcane Orb the pack generally dies shortly after the Black Hole expires.


Familiar and Magic Weapon with there runes are damage boosting Conjuration skills. I'm running Prismatic Armor until my resistances hit a minimum of 1200-1300 unbuffed, which I'm close.


Cold Blooded paired with Azurewrath (Weapon, 21.9% chance to freeze on hit with a 1.4 attack speed) gives a pretty consistent 10% damage boost.


With my current Paragon Level (176), and buffed, my damage is roughly 909k resulting in 3-4mil crits from each Magic Missile firing quickly. 8-9mil crits from my Arcane Orb.


I can solo T2 without much fuss, easily group in T3, hold my own grouped in T4. T5 I need help and in T6 I'm worthless. Those are at the moment.

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Fire Monk build - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WZjSiP!bYUX!aaZbZc


Tons of Fire damage. Mangle rune is the only fire primary attack monks have. Another solo version would sub fire ally and SW for CS: Sunburst and Inner Sanctuary: Forbidden Palace. That version is a pack melter.


Cold Monk - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WZfSjQ!baUX!bcYaac


More of a slow and tank build. You won't have to refresh SW often. Pet does a lot of damage.


Holy Monk build - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#UdeSkf!cbUi!bbbYcZ


Lots of spirit regen with passive and SW: Inner Storm. FoF does fantastic damage. AoE Bell attack with Mysthic Rhythm will pump out crazy AoE damage.


Lightning Monk Build - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aZRSif!cbUX!cYccZa


CS + FP+LTK +CS+LTK+CS+LTK.... you get the idea. Lots of stunning and cyclones to trash the place.


Note: these are all elemental builds. Many monks used Dashing strike or EP for movement or damage.




Speed farming Monk: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#cTiYjP!hVSZ!ZYZcZc


No primary attack. Really high CDR with BoY, diamond in the helm + momentum + SSS with CDR = pack melter

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Some of you know I finally got a velvet camaral yesterday. I've been telling quite a few people pretty much since the 2.0 patch about how much I wanted to get one of these. It took me about 34,000 bloodshards but I now have my grubby paws on one of my very own! The short of it is I just f'n love lightning, in general, it's amazing stuff. In any game that I play that has it available for use I will at some point try and make it work.




So what makes it so great? Why the hell would anyone want it? What the hell is it?




Thread with A LOT of information about the build and variations of it.



Video overview of one of the main variations of it with a very nice and concise explanation of the how and why of it all.


I'm currently playing around and testing out some variations of my own and might just be making my own little contribution soon.

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Hey you guys so this is my monk build:




Its been working so far for me. I'm level 50 at the moment but hoping to be level 60 by this weekend. I tried to use wave of light instead of lashing tail kick but it seemed like lashing tail kick was better. Idk might just be me. Any tips are appreciated!

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Wow LilUbo, someone you can actually discuss a Monk with and that needs advice. Kmat you are in for a treat lol.

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