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Star Wars Battlefront Player Master List

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SithWarrior    1831

Master list of players for Star Wars Battlefront, just make a post of which platform your getting with your gamertag/psn name/origin name and I'll add it here.
Left: GamerTag/PSN Name/Origin Name | (right: TAG site User Name)


  • Sithwarrior22 (SithWarrior)
  • ORiON_671 (Orion31)
  • Darkness (Darkness)
  • Cbaoth01 (Cbaoth)
  • Beanfuzz (Beanfuzz)
  • RedhddOne (Deede) 
  • medicruns (MedicRunner)

PC maybe getting ???:
not sure what user name is (Calvin)

PlayStation 4:

  • SITHWARRIOR-22 (SithWarrior)
  • LittleUbo (LilUbo)
  • Skribe777 (Skribe777)
  • PalaminoPS (Palamino)
  • nitemare1 (Nitemare1)
  • Kriv99 (Kriv)
  • scotty918 (scotty918)
  • sh1ftace (shiftace)
  • stynger (stynger)
  • MattPeachNYC (MattPeach)
  • Majin_Nazareth21 (eumaster)
  • motorhody (motorhody)
  • Kraagh (gerrok)
  • Kbizzul (kbizzul)
  • Rustinbox (Rustinbox)
  • Shadow_CVL (ShadowCVL)
  • volfan_5198 (volfan5198)
  • Brickdevil (Brick)
  • noName-_-OMFG (Nipz)
  • samedayhurt (Poetak)
  • ReallyNotTheFBI (Stevie Knuckles)
  • studknckl (studknckl)
  • NiteReaver (nitereaver)
  • Aviatorweldon (Aviatorweldon)

PS4 maybe getting ???:
Calv1n1 (Calvin)
Creatis (Orion31)
Madwik (MadWik)
Xbox One:

  • Madwik (MadWik)
  • KillerOfBunnies (Chuckles)
  • Hugo J Stiglitz (Hugo J Stiglitz)
  • Relic65 (Relic)
  • Annihil8rMethod (Annihil8rMethod)
  • ORiONx671 (Orion31)
  • xcoaste (xcoaste)
  • Jschu11 (jschu1)
  • Neofette (NeoFette)
  • IckyGunner09 (IckyGunner09)
  • Padraig26 (Padraig26)
  • HYBR1D HAV0C (hybridhavoc)
  • metalsiren (metalsiren)
  • StrongBad1900 (StrongBad11)
  • Ghost Touched (Ghost Touched)
  • fr0ll0 (Frollo)
  • Locowhodat430 (Locowhodat430)
  • aRockinYankee (RockinYankee)
  • Thrill05 (Thrill05)
  • SaltyWeasel15 (SaltyWeasel15)
  • Zenlizard (Zenlizard)
  • xTAGxPachucoBro (PachucoBro)
  • AJnUrFace3000 (son of PachucoBro)
  • BIG BAD G (Mikeg)
  • AFK SupaJiggaWa (SupaJiggaWa)
  • JustCallMeTip22 (JustCallMeTip22)
  • Vespidcactus (VespidCactus)
  • odditysmurf1 (Odditysmurf1)
  • MonkeyCMonkyDo (MonkeyCMonkyDo)
  • Kronic Herba (Toni)
  • HoptimusMax1mus (Hoptimus)
  • Lobstah (Lobstah) 

XBO maybe getting ???:
Randzz (Cbaoth)
tag no1hustler (no1hustler)
iGot Issues (iGot Issues)
Dr Superb (Dr Superb)

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Cbaoth    657

Haven't decided yet.  Probably Xb1 "break in" game once that system has BW compatibility. PC also in all likelihood. 



PC/Origin: Cbaoth01

Edited by Cbaoth

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Calvin    989

Probably PS4 unless the PC version is far, far superior just due to more TAGGER's on the PS4 for this one I think

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