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Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Advice from reddit posts

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Wolfrat    526

Some excellent advice from reddit:




I just fucking suck. • /r/Rainbow6



"No matter what I do I get shot first (if I attack) or get killed last (if I defend). I'm lvl 31 and still get killed in ways I can't seem to protect myself against."


  • Stay crouched as much as possible. (this reduces the noise level of your footsteps)
  • When approaching a corner tilt your gun so you can see better around it. (if the corner goes to the left, tilt your gun to the right & visa versa, this gives you superior sight picture)
  • Try using your guns on burst fire mode, this both conserves ammo and helps with weapon control.
  • If you are point man on your team ( that is the person who is entering the room/structure first) be certain to crouch, this makes it easier for team mates behind you to shoot over your head, and in turn makes you a smaller target. Also while doing this make you intentions known if you are going to stand up or break any team mates LOS (line of sight) for any reason to avoid TK's.
  • When at the end of your magazine make yourself switch to your secondary weapon unless you're positive that you are in a safe location (like having a team mate cover you while you swap mags.)
  • When a team mate is activating a breaching charge, stand by with a flash bang/frag grenade to toss through the hole. (keep in mind the objective, use caution if you toss a frag into a hostage area, and the cook time on frags.) It can be done just know the placement of the hostage in relation to your toss location of the frag.
  • Use proper time management, do not hold off entering an objective area until you are forced to act by the clock.
  • When playing hostage, if there is an opportunity to secure the hostage and extract them.. DO SO.. If someone on your team grabs the hostage, cover their exit and walk backwards with them to cover their flank.
  • If you are playing with a shield operator remember it is your role to support the team by protecting them from hostile fire... Not to get kills yourself. If you ADS too much as a shield operator you will expose your head.
  • Remember to use your gadgets accordingly. (IE. If you are Rook, then lay the armor pack down as soon as you spawn. If you are Fuze playing hostage do not send your cluster charges through to the hostage room because you may kill the hostage.)
  • Above all else, communicate with your team! This is paramount in the success of this game.
  • If you are playing with the same people consistently, you can develop your own breaching methods. For example the point man has center of room, second man has center room to left side, third man has center room to right. We have a very complex breaching pattern, myself and a few others that I game with have military and law enforcement experience. We use this method with extremely good results. If you get down a routine for breaching so everyone knows their assignment then it WILL work. Another point against your argument, is not trickling into the structure/room one at a time. Instead the first three move into the breached area as a unit and check your marks at the same time (making contact where needed). This also leaves two others out of the breaching area for support and flank cover.
  • The more you play the faster your reaction time will get.
  • My reaction time is slow so I try to play smarter to get kills. I try to distract the enemy as much as possible:
  • Send in a drone to forces the enemy to move position, while they are moving, breach and attack while their back is turned. Twitch's shock drone works especially well in this instance.
  • Breach an entry point as a distraction, then come from a different location. The enemy will turn their heads to one spot, and you will have extra time to get the kill.
  • Throw flash bangs, take cover behind a shielded teammate, peak and lean behind cover. Do whatever you can to earn an extra couple miliseconds of time over the enemy to get the kill.
  • As a defender use obstacles to force mobility of the attackers:
  • Reinforcements will funnel the direction of the attackers
  • Deployable shields can be used as an obstacle, not just cover. Place it down at points where the attackers will have to vault over it. The extra time they have to take to vault can be used to your advantage.
  • Place holes in the wall to shoot out from. Attackers know you have the doorways covered. Inexperienced players won't expect you to create a weak spot in your own defense to shoot out from.
  • Don't hunker down too much, spread out and eliminate options of cross fire. It won't matter how covered you are from your flanks, if multiple enemies flood in from one or two areas. Speed combined with support beats a camper any day.
  • I have a similar problem so I treat it like my life is on the line. It will always be a gamble if I face an enemy head on. I don't want to take any chances, so I try to out think my enemy so reaction time doesn't have to come into play. Never face somone with 50-50 odds if you aren't a hair trigger, because you'll loose 80% of the time. Push the odds in your favor with psychology.
  • As an attacker, get accustomed to shield operators. Realize that people will throw nitro cells at you, so keep your distance from operators like Kapkan, Bandit, and Smoke. Work with your team and communicate. You won't get a lot of kills or points, but you'll win a lot of matches.
  • As a defender I've found that if you're not quick on the draw or good at getting headshots, get to know roaming defenders like Jager, Smoke and Kapkan. The point of these operators is to sneak behind people and shoot them in the back.
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