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Fighter Squadron

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I spent a few hours on New Year's Eve playing Star Wars Battlefront and needed to knock out an in game challenge to get 15 kills with an X-Wing.  I decided to do this by playing the Fighter Squadron game mode since you are always flying space craft, but unfortunately, you only have the X-Wing craft when playing on the Rebel Alliance which only occurs every other match.


While working my way through several matches, I recorded a few snippets from my best match which ironically occurred while killing Rebel scum as an Empirial pilot :-)



Tip:  When you travel at maximum speed, the power bar turns completely yellow, but this has the negative side effect of lowering your blaster damage output.  When you get an enemy in range, pull back the left stick to slow down, and the power meter will turn orange, increasing your blaster damage output.  Be sure you hold down the left trigger as this attempts to lock on the enemy and guides your rocket, but it also seems to assist your blaster fire finding the target.


Fighter Squadron is a 20 vs 20 mode, but each side is populated with just 10 real players, and the other 10 are AI pilots to make the sky more populated and help less skilled players enjoy some success.  This results in an unusual scoreboard as your AI kills are counted separately from your Player kills.  You add your AI and Player kills together to arrive at total kills.


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