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7 minutes ago, MisterxboxNJ said:

At the end of the Forge section of the video he talks about creating pieces that are sunk in the water and you see how as he sinks and raises the piece in out of the water it changes the terrain from grass to sand to give it a more natural look. He mentions something about future version. My guess is that Halo 6 will come with a lot of the forge stuff right out of the box.

Is the social playlist all Custom created maps?  343 as a developer really want to keep balance on their maps and the play test them a lot.  Creating a good custom map is difficult but I really would like to see them push some of these beautiful maps into play.

Well their decisions so far on which custom maps to put into playlists have been hit or miss. Most of BTB is custom maps, but it hasn't been updated or added to in a long time.  2v2 is all customs, but that makes sense because 343 doesn't make maps with 2v2 in mind.

What I'd like to see is for them to come up with the base game types themselves as foundations - perhaps with that initial focus being on the scoring mechanism - and then constantly expand on the customization options available in each game type.  So if we had one base game type that was for game modes where you scored for kills, then with all of the possible custom options to create games like FFA Slayer, Team Slayer, Fiesta, and even games like Juggernaut. Then another game type where you scored for controlling an objective, where it be a hill, ball(s), or stronghold(s). Another game type where you scored for moving an object to a specific location, like CTF or Assault.  Perhaps another one where you score based on survival time, a la Infection.  Then from there, they can just focus on adding more and more customization options to each of the base game types and allow the community to come up with unique game modes (a specific set of game type and custom options for that type).

They could clearly provide some standard default game modes, but I really think that the level of creativity and time that the community puts into custom games and maps is something that should be harnessed and nurtured across the board.

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Ok just reading the patch notes, saw that they will give you 9 gold packs for winning 10 FF games (for a limited time it says)

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