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Gearing Tips and Advice

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Staring this thread to point out a few things about gearing since people are asking in other threads for tips.

First some guidelines:

- Armor hard caps at 75% mitigation, which translates to 5354 armor

- Crit chance hard caps at 60% (you can go past this with Pulse, but this is the most you can get with gear/mods/etc)

- Skill power has no cap, but individual skills cap at different amounts. Check this out to see more: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wHDsZRqxjayVN2lJWcJBY1mczbWX3ESLOj3TfWXEln4

- Exotic damage resistance (EDR) lowers the damage of fire, explosions, bascially anything not a bullet, but it does not prevent you from being set on fire or bleeding etc (just the damage those effects do, they each have their own resists to prevent/shorten duration)

- Weapon talents require primary stats to active and the amount and types vary based on the talent. In general though, the stat requirements fall into three categories: high. medium and low. Each talent will take one, two, or three of the primary stats to activate. Generally when a talent takes 3 stats to activate one of the three will be a medium requirement and the other two will be low. When it requires two one will be either high with the second one being medium or low, or both will be medium, or one will be medium and the other low, you never see two stat reqs with both being high.

- For 204 GS weapons high = 2579, medium = 2036, and low = 1574

- For 182 GS weapons high = 2362, medium = 1889 and low = 1417

- For 163 GS weapons high = 2166, medium = 1733, and low = 1300

- A complete listing of weapon talents with their activation requirements can be found at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Fz65WBMdv4HkEKDow0lFUxd_tWiguPMxINPjnJSu1Wo

- Not all weapons can have all talents. Coolheaded can only be found on pistols, marksman rifles and assault rifles for instance. That info can be found in gear spreadsheet below, but it isn't 100% accurate (has most of it though, but missing things like coolheaded on pistols I think)


Here is a spreadsheet showing all the possible options for gear (it is outdated a bit, but everything is still correct just no numbers for the new 32 and higher stuff): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XW6FKKrFDTw9dD7WisDIQrX7UoF9mbobIdU_676fmZM


I am not going to make this a complete gearing guide on what rolls to get on each slot etc. That is too subjective and up to personal opinion, but I will point out a few important things on each slot.


Slot Specific Tips/Notes
Body Armor

- Can roll up to 3 mod slots, but more than one is fairly uncommon (I've only seen a couple two slots and no triples yet).  

- They have three major rolls and since there are not a lot of offensive options this is one place you can look for defense

- The most important roll on chest would be +Armor. a 240 BP can get armor rolls up to the mid to high 600's and I have several BP's with over 1600 armor because of this

- For your second major, rolling EDR is a good option. 240 chests can get up to 15% and BP is one of three slots that can roll this stat. It is much more important now with how deadly flamethrowers are in the new 201+ DZ bracket. 

- The final major roll is a toss up. You can go offensive and get damage to elites if you mostly PVE, but since there is no universal dps option most choose to go defense. Your options there are HP, Protetion vs Elites or HP on Kill



- This slot has only one major. It rolls natively with a mod slot. If it has two mod slots it will have no major stats. This makes this slot very dependent on what you are trying to build and how. 

- Mask is one of the few places to get crit chance on gear (the other slot being gloves), one of two slots to get skill power on (the other being back pack) and one of three slots to get EDR on (the other two being BP and Kneepads)

- Mask majors are mostly offensive or utility oriented. You can't roll armor on this slot. 

- The most common roll for mask is to have one mod slot and then pick a major out of: crit chance, skill power, or EDR. This really depends on your build. The EDR roll is important if you are going for max EDR because you need near perfect rolls on all three possible slots, plus 2 piece FM set and a couple armor mods with EDR rolls to max this stat.

- I personally value the Skill power and EDR rolls over crit on mask.You can get a lot of crit chance by using SMGs, from mods (both armor and weapon) and using a strong pulse with a skillpower build or from another person in your party playing a skill build, and there is also Savage gloves. So i don't value the crit roll very high on this slot.

- I would roll Skillpower on mask if you are playing a firearms/stamina dps build as it is a very easy way to get skillpower. 240 roll up to like 4800 on this slot. a DPS with about 20k SP has way better heals and just more useful skills overall and can easily get that amount with just SP rolls on Backpack and mask and a three stat holster.

- I would only roll EDR on this if you are going to be going very tanky and plan to use the 2 piece FM set. EDR gets more valuable the more you have of it so if you are already using the 2 piece and have EDR on your Body armor and/or kneepads that makes rolling it on the mask even better.

- It is almost never worth it to roll a second mod slot on a mask because the other three good options are better than what mods can give, unless you absolutely need 150 ish of one of the three main stats to reach breakpoints.


- No native mod slot. Always has two major stats

- Primarily a defensive slot, but they are one of the few places to roll Critical hit damage on gear.

- Kneepads are another slot you absolutely need an Armor roll on. One of your major rolls should always be armor in order to be able to hit the armor cap.

- This leaves you with two options.You either roll the other major as a mod slot or use a major stat.

- The best two options for the second major stat here is the Crit Damage for offense or the EDR roll if you are stacking that stat.



- Always roll with a mod slot. Will have one other major.

- This is another slot you can roll armor with if you really need armor, but it is not the recommended roll.

- This is the other slot you can get a lot of easy skill power from. 240's can rull up to 6700 skillpower on this slot and SP is the most common roll for this reason. Mask and backpack combined can get you over 11k skill power and will make your skills noticeably better, so it is even worth it for dps characters to get their SP this way. Crit damage is not really worth it here



- Never roll with a mod slot, nor can you roll a slot on them. They only come with 3 majors and they are primarily offensive ones.

- The best general rolls on gloves are crit chance and crit damage for two of the three major stat slots.

- Your third main stat choice will depend on your playstyle and preference. If you mostly play PvE, the elite damage stat is probably the most useful as it gives you more overal damage than the weapon specifc damage bonuses, but only against elite mobs. If you PvP some, the weapon damage for your favored weapon type is also a good choice. You could also get hp on kill here for a nice bump in self healing.



- This slot can roll will always roll with two primary stats. Then it has two major stat slots. In the case of holster primary stats count as one of those major slots as does the mod slot. So if you roll a 3 stat holster with a mod slot it will have no major stat, and if you roll a 2 stat holster with a mod slot it will have still have a major stats. Finally a 3 stat holster with no mod slot will have a major stat. In any case you can always re-calibrate any of the majors to any of the other ones. So if you get a two stat holster you can roll either a mod slot or another major to a primary stat, or vice versa if you get a 3 stat holster you can roll one of the primary stats to a major stat or mod slot. That makes this a very versatile slot in theory, but in practice you will almost always roll one way. 

- The most generally useful roll for a holster is 3 primary stats, no mod slot and the major stat being Armor. This is because there are no good offensive stats for this slot and the armor roll is higher than what you can get from a mod slot on this piece. This is one of the few pieces of gear that can roll extra armor and the only one where it isn't contested by better offensive or at comparable defensive options.


Maxing Armor Cap

- To make hitting armor cap easier you should roll armor on Body Armor, Kneepads and Holster.

- If you do the above, you should only need armor one a mod or two to hit cap (assuming you have decent native rolls on the rest of your gear and all your gear is 214/240 GS)


Armor Mods

- Most often you will roll a Firearms, Stamina or Electronics one depending on what weapon talent targets you are trying to hit.

- Mods can roll an additional bonus. The best secondary rolls would be armor, skill power, crit chance, or EDR. 

- Level 31 mods can roll up to 143 main stat. Level 32 mods (from the DZ mod vendor blueprints at rank 50) can roll up to 160 on the primary stat.

- If you follow the above guide for maxing armor the most mod slots you can have is 6: 3 on Body Armor, 1 on Mask, 1 on Backpack, and 1 on Kneepads. If you are going for max EDR though you won't have a kneepad modslot so you will end up with a max of 5 slots (and you need at least 3 mod slot rolls with EDR to cap it). Getting 3 slots on Body Armor is very rare so expect the more likely scenario of only having 1 slot on BP which leaves you with either 3 or 4 mod slots depending on your kneepad rolls.


Maxing EDR and why more is better... 

- EDR is much more important now with how much damage non-bullet effects can do now in the new 201+ DZ (Cleaner Flamethrowers and Gas Grenades from Grenadiers) and in CM Incursions like Falcon Lost (the missles from APC). 

- You can get 100% EDR and take zero damage from explosions, fire and gas. You will still be set on fire, made to bleed, be disoriented, etc from these effects but they will not do damage (they will just Crowd control you a little).

- To get 100% EDR you need 50% from 2 piece Final Measure set, 15% on Body Armor and Mask, 11% on Kneepads and three armor mods with each with at least 3% EDR as their secondary roll (you should have a minimum of three mod slots in your gear setup as well so this should be easily doable). That puts you at exactly 100%. In reality EDR can roll up to 3.5% on lvl 31 mods. I haven't rolled level 32 mods yet but I imagine they go to at least 4%. Body armor and mask only roll to 14.9% per the calibration station and kneepads go to 11.2%, but those rolls show up at 15% and 11% respectively on the item.

- You can get over 100% with armor mods but it is pointless. Ideally you get at least 88% from your armor and set and then use 3 4% mods or get 90 and use 2 3.5% and 1 3% mod to hit cap.

- If you go EDR at all for pve you should go all in. For just PvP, you can easly get a 15% roll on body armor and then either a single roll on kneepads or mask to get between 26-30% EDR which is enough to prevent sticky bombs from one shotting you (now if an entire 4 man is bombing you you still won't live). That low EDR will not do jack for the gas grenades and flamethrowers in 201+ DZ though, nor let you tank CM Falcon Lost APC missles. People have even mentioned 2 piece FM + chest roll for 65% EDR is not enough to survive flamethrowers in 201+ DZ 6.

- The reason for the above is that EDR scales very fast the closer it approaches 100%. Here is a simple explanation using math. Start at 50% EDR from the 2 piece set. If you take 1000 damage before it you will only take 500 after putting the set on, so an actual 50% reduction imagine that. Then you add 15% from the Body Armor, now your have gone down to 350 damage, which once again is 65% of the original 1000, but it is actually a 30% damage reduction by adding that piece (going from 500 damage taken to 350). That means each percent of that 15% was worth an actual 2% in actual reduction. Now you add another 15% from the mask and your damage taken is down to 200. Once again this is exactly 80% less damage from the original 1000, but this time going from 350 to 200 damage means you are actually taking about 66% of the damage you were taking before, meaning you got about 34% damage resistance for the extra 15% you put on. Now here it starts getting even better because the next piece you add is 11% on kneepads and now you are at 91%, which means you only take 90 dmg from the original 1000. In reality though you went from taking 200 damage to 90, which is over a 50% damage reduction increase for that 11% roll which is almost 5% per each EDR% on the kneepad. Add one mod of 3% and you are down to only 60 damage taken, which makes that one 3% mod worth a 33% damage reduction, the next 3% mod brings it down from 60 damage taken to only 30 (another 50% reduction but this time for only a 3% increase in EDR). At this point you are at 97% EDR. Going from 97% to 98% is a 33% reduction, from 98% to 99% is another 50% reduction in total damage taken. The final 1% makes you take no damage at all. The small starting damage above doesn't really show how great this is but for ease of illustration it should give you an idea of how strong this  stat can be. 

- Even if you don't roll perfect EDR on your three gear slots you should easily be able to get 13% on body armor and mask and 10% on kneepads. Use those and 2 fm pieces and 3 edr mods of 3% (not a hard roll to get as I have many in my stash) you will be at 95%. From that point any marginal increase to your edr rolls is a large gain you can slowly work towards.

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Sets vs High-Ends (Yellows)

- Sets can be found at GS 191, 214 and 240 while High-ends are 163, 182, and 204.

- As a result of the higher GS, set items of the same tier (ex 182/191) will have slightly higher rolls than high ends. Because of this and the fact that set items also have bonuses for multiple worn pieces, sets will be most often worn over high ends. The only notable exceptions are a few pieces with good talents.

- Some high end talents worth watching for are:

--- Gloves with the Savage talent (up to 14% extra crit to mobs out of cover at 204 GS) for dps builds using 4 set (Striker or Sentry)

--- Body armor with the Vigorous talent (All heals over heal), which allows you to use Booster Shot instead of Overdose in skill power builds 

--- Body armor with the Rapid Talent (Faster cooldowns on heals) for healing focused skill power support builds

--- Body armor with the Reckless pairs well with the Savage gloves above if wearing a 4p set for dps even though it now makes you take more damage it still a good option for 4p set builds

--- Mask with Rejuvenated to let medkits clear status effects is a good option for getting out of shock turrets and fire bullets in pvp

- All other high end armor talents are either worthless or of such marginal value they really aren't worth it taking. Some rare gimmick builds might make use of the talent that lets heals heal skill objects, but the rest are not worth looking at. 


Common Builds and Tips

- There are three two ways to build in this game that are successful right now: All dps with some skill power or Skill power support. The new meta is to stack toughness mostly above all else (after meeting any other build goals) and that means hitting armor cap and getting as much stam as possible. There is some room to play a more balanced spec and I will include some of those variation tips in the build explanations.

DPS Builds

- In almost all dps builds your focus is going to be getting at the minimum 2579 Firearms because that is what is needed for the good dps weapon talents like brutal and capable. The only electronics you should have is on a 3 stat holster and you can even sacrifice that to get armor and a mod slot on the holster and run firearms/stam on the holster as primaries. Mask and backpack should both have as high as possible skill power rolls (can get up to 11k skill power this way). With those rolls you will have over 20k SP with a three stat holst and around 16-17k with a 2 stat holster, which actually makes your skills useable.

- All dps builds typically run with First Aid Overdose for self healing and at 17-22k skill power it should be decent healing. If you are running solo you can then run pulse tactical scanner for a dps boost and with the SP rolls on your mask and backpack it is actually a pretty decent buff. In a party though you should always have one skill support build running max smart cover and pulse though. If that is the case you can run a CC like flash bang or shock turret or run conceal pulse (the secondary effect will stack with a skill builds tactical scanner, but the skill builds crit hit chance and damage bonuses will apply). You can also run Aid station with Immunizer or Ammo station depending on the parties needs. CC and Scrambler Pulse are usually the better group DZ options, while aid station is an easy thing to use in PvE.

Now some of the builds:

- Current top DPS builds are (PvE focus, but will mention slight variations for PvP):

-- 4 Striker/2 Sentry or (Reckless Body Armor + Savage Gloves)

- With the way Sentry was changed the Striker bonus is much better now. DPS players can get the benefit of a support putting up the sentry buff and at the most one group should only have a single sentry buffer. This build gives a 100% damage buff from full stack of striker and then either gets 30% headshot damage from 2p sentry or 13% extra damage and 14% extra crit chance to mobs out of cover from high end talents. Sentry is the common option because 240 GS can roll higher stats and it is extra damage that doesn't make you take extra damage yourself.

- Striker has the benefit of not being tied to any weapon type, so any playstyle can benefit from it. Works best with weapons you can reliably hit with though as missing will drop stacks. Shotguns work really well with this build because each pellet can proc the buff so a single shot can give 8% (so 12 shots to get capped) and can stack the buff to cap in under 4 seconds with a SASG-12 or Super90 shotgun with a extended mag mod with fire rate increase. SASG-12 is the best option for PvE because it reloads with clip and has the fastest rate of fire.

- For close range play you can use a shotty to stack the Striker buff up and then swap to an SMG for higher dps while the buff is high. Anytime the buff drops to about half just switch back to the shotgun and spam back to full again.

- For longer range play, you can use an assault rifle and just have a shotty for close range work and stacking the buff quickly. 

- Either way this build sort of relies on close range play and a shotgun to quickly stack the buff and doesn't lend itself well to long range play (just because of the slow stacking of the buff with marksman rifles or medium to long range AR misses)

- This build has the highest dps cap out of all dps builds if you good aim and cna keep the buff up when supported by a sentry player and a skill build with maxxed cover and pulse. Probably comparable if slightly below to the other dps builds solo, but you need to be good at aiming. Probably not a very good option for PvP, but maybe passable with a shotgun at close ranges (but sentry would do better here)

-- 4 Sentry/2 Hunter's Faith or 2 Striker or Reckless+Savage

- This build is can be played both as a long range or a hybrid of close and long ranges.

- If intended to be played primarily as a sniper you will want an M1A with Capable on it. Then you should use the Ammo Cache Aid station to get 50% skill haste so you can use your First Aid more frequently. The sniper variant can use Hunter's faith for 20% extra crit damage on your sniper shots, but Reckless + Savage will provide a larger damage buff and since you are playing at range the extra damage should be manageable. 2 Striker is another safe option because it provides extra damage to enemy armor.

- A close range variant could use a sniper or an AR for longer range backup, but the primary weapon would be an SMG. To proc your sentry buff you would use a pistol to fire three headshots at close range into an enemy then swap to the smg to dps it down while the buff is stacked. The best pistol type for this is the PF45 because it has the largest mag size and highest rate of fire while also allowing magazine, laser sight and muzzle mods. A good second talent for the pistol is coolheaded to allow more skill usage. This variant requires you to swap to pistol and back to smg on each mob for maximum dps and to reapply every 10 seconds on mobs that take longer to kill than one cycle.

- Shotguns no longer put all three stacks off the buff up with one headshot, so they aren't an ideal weapon for pve with this set. They are still a good pvp option though and can be used in pve, but SMG will do more damage overall even with pistol swapping to stack the buff.

- Possibly the strongest close range dps pvp build when using a shotgun and Savage gloves. Another pvp option is to use 2 Final Measure to avoid getting one shot by sticky bombs as there is no other good dps option for 2 pieces unless you want to risk taking more damage using reckless chest


-- 3 Striker/3 Sentry or 2 Sentry+Savage Gloves

- This option is weapon agnostic. 3 Striker gets you extra enemy armor damage and a 50% extra crit damage, while 3 sentry gives you headshot damage and extra damage to elites. Since two of your set bonuses are geared to pve enemies only this is strictly a pve build. Dropping one sentry for savage gloves is a variation for pvp mainly. It will give you extra damage, but the elite damage bonus from Sentry will be stronger in pve than the extra crit chance from savage. 

- This build can use any weapon type, but like most other builds SMGs will do more dps than other weapon types at close range. If you run Ammo cache aid station with first aid and a M1A with capable you can snipe just fine with this build (you need capable and the ability to cast a skill every 13 seconds to be able to maximize sniper damage with an M1A). AR's area good mid-longe range option if you don't want to manage capable on snipers though.

- The benefit of this build is that you have no buff management to worry about. It is easier overall to play, but caps out a bit lower in overall damage. Probably the best option for more solo play though.

- PvP will drop 1 sentry piece for Savage gloves for sure. This is probably the easiest PvP dps build to play.


- Current top Support builds are:

- There are two general styles here Tactician builds that utilize varying ranges of SP or SP stacked builds that use other sets. The Tact builds are easier to gear in a balanced manner and are generally more useful solo, but they take longer to ramp up solo and still have some lead time in fights where your skills aren't maxxed. That makes heavy SP builds better at always having good skills ready which makes PvP and soloing more reliable (assuming you can do decent damage). The downside of heavy SP builds is that you typically can't activate many of the good dps talents on weapons and rely on the good ones like brutal and capable to be in the third slot on weapons. Makes finding a good weapon harder and getting god rolls (brutal/deadly/+ whatever) isn't as important for heavy sp builds.

- Some notes on Tactician builds. 26.5k is your minimum SP target for a maximum Smart Cover and Tactical Scanner Pulse. If you are going for max group buffing that SP will give you 53k at full tactician stacks which will max both of those skills. Some people like to go a little higher to about 28-30k for a cushion between downtime to keep your skills maxxed and/or make them stronger at the start of engagements. The only reason to go higher is if you are using skills that are harder to cap like Booster Shot first aid, or the explosive damage of regular seeker mine or for some reason trying to provide a maxxed Scrambler pulse (probably only good for strict pvp and even then you miss out on the 10% extra damage from Tactical)

- Tactician builds are so varied I will not give exact or complete details for each but just some ideas.

-- 4 Tactician/2 Sentry

- The 2 sentry variety is for the more dps focused approach.

-You would aim to hit stat minimums of 2036 firearms and 2036 stamina and 1547. With those minimum stats you can activate many of the talents you would want on your weapon for dps such as Deadly, Self-Preserved, Accurate, Stable, etc.

- If you want to get Brutal or Predatory activated you have to sacrifice something or the other or roll them on the third slot of the weapon. Brutal takes 2579 to activate so you would have to sacrifice stamina. So your best bet is probably to get brutal as a third roll because you can then get Predatory, Deadly, Brutal on an SMG and only need 2036 firearms to have all talents activated on the weapon by stacking stamina to at least 2579. The other option is Self-preserved, Deadly, Brutal on an SMG which has easier requirements than predatory. Both are good healing options though.

- This build is a balance of mods and gear slots to get minimum stat targets so it all depends on what you have and is balancing act to achieve skill power targets to have the best buffs you can while also having decent dps by unlocking good weapon talents.

-- 4 Tactician/2 Final Measure

- This is the tank approach. You would roll EDR on all possible slots. Stack as much stamina as you can probably lose some or all firearms to keep skillpower targets while having as much over 3k stamina as you can. 

- With at least 1547 firearms you can activate Self-preserved and Stable while still stacking stamina and get something like Brutal on your third free slot. Or you can completely tank firearms to fully stack stam and hope for Self-preserved or Coolheaded as your third free to embrace the full tank concept.

- This variant can also run full tank with Sticky bomb. 30k Sp wtih Tactician and a sticky damage roll or two on armor will allow this build to cap proximity stick for pvp while having enormous toughness and the 2p FM set allows you to sticky yourself and not take much damage while still activating the talent that makes sticky do 40% more damage when hitting multiple targets. 


-- 4 Tactician/ (Vigorous or Rapid chest) and (Savage Gloves or Rejuv Mask)

- This is a group healing oriented build in 2 varieties. Vigorous and Rapid.

- Vigorous would use Booster Shot first aid which gives the party a damage dealt and damage resist buff. The Vig chest allows it to still overheal as well. You would want to stack more skill power with this variant because booster takes more SP to hit heal cap than Overdose does. This variant provides an extra layer of mitigation and another damage buff to the party.

- Rapid variant is all about heal frequency. Haste ignores the normal skill reduction cap from SP. Normally all skills cap out at a minimum cooldown of 20 seconds regardless of how much SP you have. They each just hit that minimum at different sp levels. But skill haste gives you faster cooldowns beyond that. The tact set by itself gives 20% haste so most will have 16 second skill cooldowns without any other skill reduction effects. Adding rapid is another 30% reduction on anything that counts as a heal so First Aid and Aid Station count. This build would still use overdose, but it could also run Ammo Station for another 50% skill haste and possibly run some skill haste on mods to get super low heal cooldowns. 

- Both of these variants can build tanky and run mobile cover to be a forward self healing tank to body block mobs and draw attention. You could run a Resourceful backpack to heal your mobile cover as well in that case.

- I would only run this build variant if you were a second tactician of the group. Even then it is far more common when running two tacts to have one run smart cover and the other run pulse and for both to drop whatever skill they aren't using for first aid. 


-- 4 Sentry/2 Tactician

- This is a support build that stacks heavily on electronics. With only 2p tactician and mask.backpack sp rolls you only get about 15k free skill power with this build. That means if you want to go full buff support you would need at least 3 1500 skill power mods and about 2600 electronics to hit between 45-50k SP. With that amount and a couple skill rolls on gear for smart cover damage resilience and pulse crit damage you can cap buff cover and pulse while also providing the Sentry buff. This is the all in one dps buffer for the party if you build this way. You completely tank firearms and stack as much stam as you can after hitting your electronics target to cap the skills you use as a buffer. This allows your group in pve or pvp to focus on all dps and tanky builds and you only need one buffer. The only talents you can activate with this build are Restored and Trained because they require no firearms. So you will be relying mostly on free third talents. Good options would be Self-Preserved on an SMG. Coolheaded if you want to sticky bomb. You rmain job is to hit headshots to stack the sentry buff so accurate or stable as third options are good as well to raise your hit chances.

- The other way to build this is to aim for about 35k SP. That can be done with just SP on mask and backpack and with the 2p you end up with 35k and 4 1500 min SP mods (need ilvl 32 mods) and a 3 stat holster with good rolls. That puts you just under 35k. With that SP you can get a couple pulse mods on gear to cap pulse and use first aid overdose. That leaves 5 slots for Stam/Firearms. Use 3 gear for stam and 2 mods puts you over 2600 stam at least with decent rolls and 2 firearms gear slots and 2 mods will put you at least over 2036 firearms. This gives you decent dps while providing a good heal and still be able to cap pulse while also providing the sentry buff to a party. This would free up a tactician in your group to use a maxed smart cover and a heal instead of running both cover and pulse

PvP builds and weapon idea may come later... Just tired of writing now.


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PVP Builds

- Many of the builds above are basically PvP builds with a few tweaks. I mentioned some of them already.

- When making a build for pvp just avoid pve only stats like elite damage, protetion from elites and enemy armor damage.

- Stacking at least 25% or more of Exotic Damage Resistance will help you not get one shot by sticky bomb players. The more the better for teams of sticky users.


There is one build that really only shines in PvP and more specifically group PvP. That build is:

4P Predator

- How you build this exactly is personal preference. My opinion though is that the set is not strong enough of a DPS set to focus on that regard and do anything more than tickle other players. The real point of this build is to prevent players from running away. Bleeding enemies can't sprint, so you make them easy pickings for your team.

- The important thing here is speed and aim. So use accuracy mods, hip fire accuracy so you don't have to shoulder while chasing your prey and as much stability mods as you can.

- Best weapon to use for range is a LVOA-C assault rifle. It has the best combo of range, accuracy and fire rate of all available weapons and with a couple stability and accuracy mods is really easy to land hits on target with at a distance. With a Extended mage with at least 100% and a rate of fire bonus of 20% it has 60 rounds and over 1000 rpm which translates to over 16 rounds per second. That lets you put the effect on very quickly. Ideally you just want to burst enough round to apply it then stop while the bleed works for a couple seconds than reapply it. That way you don't run out of ammo as fast and allow your prey to get away while you reload. The other option is an extended mag with reload speed mod cause even the base fire rate is 14 rounds/sec. A Reload mag of 20% will only shave off just under .6 seconds off the 2.9 second reload though so try both and get a feel for it.

- I would personally play this as a full tank or skill power support tank. There would be many variations to this and it would only be viable in a group.

- Variation1: You could potentially make this a sticky bomb skillpower build by using 2p Tactician with skill power rolls on backpack and mask. That with electronics to 2036 nets you around 35k skill power while still leaving room for decent stam. Completely tank firearms and only worry about the free talent on your weapon, which should probably be stability, accuracy, or coolheaded. A few sticky damage bonuses on your gear should cap BFB fairly easy (you would need 27% sticky damage at 35k SP which can roll up to 9% on up to 4 slots: chest, backpack, gloves, holster). If you get it at 9% on all 4 slots you can run less SP to cap freeing up your mod slots for other stats

- Variation 2: Go full tank. You would still want skill power on backpack and mask, but you would probably invest more gear slots to stamina. Aim at only having around 25k or so SP, run Coolheaded on your weapon free talent slot to deal with your cooldowns and run First Aid overdose and the Scrambler pulse to protect your team from enemy pulses. Get EDR on Chest and Kneepads and hit armor cap with all stam mods and armor rolls on gear. Any mod not needed for armor can go to more skill power. Tank firearms again. You can also do the heal trick above and run Vigorous chest above to bring Booster shot to your team, or Rapid chest to be able to heal more often. In that case, you might as well run savage gloves with it. Or you can run two piece FM. Many options here.

- Your entire job is to make sure enemies don't get away and you are fairly useless for anything else. This is only good in a full group dedicated to PvP and optimized for it. It slows enemies down so they can't escape or move fast enough to avoid headshots. So this is best in a group with two heavy dps and a full support providing high damage buffs from smart cover and maxed pulse. 

Weapon Types and Talents

I covered some of this in the individual builds above but I want to give a general idea of best talents here. The best weapon is one that fits your playstyle and you can hit reliably with, so this will be somewhat subjective, but I am trying to provide as objective of a view as possible of the current state of the game.

I am going to do them from the most to least useful, as they seem in game currently.

Submachine Guns 

- By far the best all around weapon for anything from point blank out to about medium range. Most people prefer the AUG because it is a middle ground between damage, fire rate and is accurate and stable. The vector will do more damage in a faster time at close range, but has noticeable horizontal stability issues and a smaller mag. Some people really like the fire rate of the MP7 for PvP as well. SMG preference will probably mostly come down to the user.

- The native crit bonus can get up to 26% on 204 GS and that combined with the fact they do as much if not more damage/shot at a higher rate of fire and with more stability than AR's makes these the top dps weapons. The only thing that competes is an M1A with Capable being kept up constantly so that you can fire at the max rate of fire with it and get consistent headshots. This weapon doesn't need any set bonus to be effective so it can thrown into any non-dps dedicated build and provide a nice gain in damage for them and is one of the top choices for dps in pvp and pve for anything close.

- Responsive, Deadly and Brutal are the top dps talents for SMG. Deadly and Brutal are always useful but you will often be outside of 10m so responsive would be the last one of those that I would choose.

- You can replace a DPS talent for either Predatory or Self-Preserved. Predatory is amazing at keeping you up and can even res you after death if you die while it is active. It takes 1547 electronics to activate though so it is best as the free talent. Self-Preserved only takes firearms and stam so it is always useful for a heal talent for dps builds and it works on crits and scales based on damage done which is something smgs are already good at. Preserved is best in pve though as dmg scaling in pvp makes it weaker. For strictly PvP responsive or Fierce as a third dps talent would be better.

- SMGs can't roll Coolheaded so they don't have anything specifically for skill builds, but they are high damage weapons even for non-dps focused builds so just get a few good talents like Deadly and Predatory and you are good to go

- Weapon mods should focus on the stability type needed by the SMG. Magazine should be extended with rate of fire for pvp. For pve you can swap to crit damage to conserve ammo, but time to kill is a fair bit shorter with fire rate increase for pvp. Optics should be headshot and crit. Muzzle should have crit damage on it.


Marksman Rifles

The top sniper rifle is the M1A assuming you can hit headshot after headshot at range at the max rate of fire for the weapon. To do this Capable is a required talent and you have to use a Skill every 13 seconds to proc it. 

- Once again for DPS Deadly and Brutal are the winners here. DPS M1A should be Capable, Deadly, Brutal order doesn't matter. 

- M1A's also serve well as a weapon for Support builds because they can have coolheaded, trained and talented as talents. All are good for skill builds.
- M1A's along with other high rate of fire snipers are also good for support builds using Sentry set to stack the buff at range.

- Best M1A variants are SOCOM or First Wave because they allow underbarrel mods

- Weapon mods should be initial bullet stability and either horizontal or regular stability for the underbarrel, Crit damage on Muzzle, Extended Mag with either Weapon damage or Crit chance, and optics should have headshot damage and crit.


- Useful now because of the changes to Sentry set.

-They only proc one sentry per shot and not per pellet now, but that still makes them a good option for close range pvp high burst damage in a 4 set Sentry DPS build. Great in group pvp because you are doing high damage while also boosting your team's damage. 

-The Sentry changes also now makes the Striker set the top DPS set. Shotguns (specifically the SASG-12 variants) the best way to stack the buff from striker because each pellet counts for the buff. 

- Best shotgun depends on your aiming skill generally, but they 2 best mathematically are the Super90 (any variant) or 2 of the SASG-12 variants that allow all mod slots. I prefer the SASG because they are the most accurate with the fastest rate of fire and they still hit about as hard as a sniper rifle. The M870 is the highest burst dmg/shot if you can aim well and don't mind slower Sentry stacking. SASG will be the best for Striker buff stacking.

- If you are using a shotty for sentry pvp, the best talents are going to be responsive, deadly and brutal. All dps buffs and you want to be close anyway to land full pellet loads to the face. The same talents would be good for Pve. Either way you could drop one of those talents (deadly or responsive are the best options) for Predatory, but that is only worth it if it is the free third talent so you don't waste stats on electronics to activate it. Mods should be accuracy, hip fire accuracy focused for a tighter grouping. Headshot damage and crit chance on optics, Extended mag and crit on SASG variants or crit chance/weapon damae or crit chance/reload speed for pump variants like the 870 or super90.

- If you are using a shotty for Striker set PvE, your best Option is a SASG-12 because it is just for stacking striker buff. Talents would be accurate, stable and the third can be dps if want. Deadly would be better than brutal because you are going to aim for the body to make sure all the pellets hit to stack the buff. Weapon mods would be initial bullet stability and accuracy, accuracy and crit chance on muzzle, extended mag and rate of fire on mag, accuracy and crit on optics. Accuracy tightens the shot group and makes it so you have a much better chance to land them. 

Assault Rifles

- AR's still don't really stand out because there is nothing special about them. If you don't like marksman rifles and aren't needing a shotty to stack striker set they make a good medium/long range weapon for fights outside of smg range. They still do comparable damage to SMG's per shot but just shoot a little slower and with no innate crit bonus, but the HS damage is natively higher on AR's. The extra range makes them a bit safer to use in the new more dangerous DZ6 201+

- They are good for support builds because they can get Coolheaded. 

- LVOA-C is a great option for Predator PvP builds.

- DPS talents are once again Brutal and Deadly, but deadly is less useful here because of lower crit.


Light Machine Guns

- Still the worst weapon option in the game. The Lone Star set is not enough of a buff to make the damage from these competitive. The accuracy gimmick of these is interesting, but it would take a very specialized build to make these perform well. 

- If lone star is the only good set you have, you could use an LMG but stick to the lower mag sizes. They have higher base damage and are closer to AR's.

- The large mag LMG's are primarily meant for supressing, which is just a poorly thought out mechanic. You can't suppress players and many NPCs can't be supressed either.

- Would avoid using these until weapon balancing happens, until then if you get any really good rolled ones with Deadly, Brutal, Stable I would hold on to them. If they get a slight bump in damage they could be competitive. Stable is nice because stability is the major issue with most LMG's and accuracy isn't needed on them really because of their firing gimmick.


A note on weapons, talent requirements increase as GS goes up. normally activating talents is a bigger boost then going up a GS level. So if you are running a balanced build or a skill build with lower firearms it could actually end up that a 182 with Deadly, Brutal Responsive that you can actually activate would be better than a GS204 that takes over 200 more firearms to activate. Same holds true for support based talents.

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How to get the gear

If you managed to read my novels above, congrats! Now I will tell you how you can get the gear you want. Besides praying to RNGeezus, certain items are more likely from certain places.


If you want:


- Do DZ 5 or 6 farming in the 201+ bracket for a decent chance at 204 Weapons of all types

- Do Clear Sky on Hardmode. Runs can be done in 10 to 15 minutes each and you get a guaranteed 204 weapon (I'm not saying it won't be a pistol multiple times).

- Grind DZ rank to 75 and hope a 204 plan you want shows up on the DZ vendor

- Hold on to pheonix credits. There is a chance at reset a nice 204 will show up for purchase at the Base and they run around 900 bird bucks each. Cap is now 2000 btw.


Set Items:

- For 1.1 sets like Striker, Sentry and Tactician, the best location is Falcon Lost hard and challenge modes. You can get other these sets from Clear Sky and the daily/weekly HVT's but the best chance is Falcon Lost. DZ would be the second best option. For 240's in these sets you can get them as chance for each CM Falcon clear and also as part of the weekly (maybe even for the HM I am not sure). You also occasionally get these as 240 from the Weekly HVT's. Daily HVT only rarely gives 214 and mostly gives 191.

- For the new sets. HVT's if you want Lonestar. For Predators and Hunters, run Clear Sky. DZ is the next best source.

- Nomad and Final Measure mainly come from the DZ, but have a small chance to drop in all other activities.


Armor Mods:

- For drops, get lucky in the DZ. They are way more rare now, but you can get ilvl 33 supposedly. 
- Outside of that your best bet is crafting them. The Base sells the level 31 plans I think. You can buy the ilvl 32 plans at rank 50 in the DZ, but they are on a rotation and it is electronics right now. You may have to wait to get both Firearms and Stamina.

Weapon Mods:

- Crafting is the best source outside of getting lucky in the DZ, but there aren't blueprints for each mod type so there is a limit.

- The exception is pistol mods. The pistols that can take underbarrels can only use small laser sights specifcally called small laser sight from what I understand. I've only ever seen these drop as blue quality. They will sometimes be for sale on a mod vendor as a green and maybe rarely blue. If you happen to find a purple or yellow one cherish it.
- Some weapons can only use or greatly benefit from laser sights for the underbarrel like shotguns. So keep that in mind. There are currently no good laser sight mods that can be crafted.

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I've had Predator drop consistently from HVTs. Probably the second-most dropped set piece of gear next to Lonestar. I've also had the other sets drop for HVT as well, to diminishing amounts. Either this is intended or they need to tweak the drop rates a bit more. 

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12 hours ago, LilUbo said:

I will taken me days to understand this all lol


i was under the impression that skill power was hard capped at 45k. Did this change?


btw, @Stevie Knuckles and @Dr Superb should be reading this!


Thanks @Yelgis! :)

Skill power has never been caped at 45k. That was what people threw around early, because that is where Sticky Bomb BFB caps its damage. Many other skills are getting close to cap at that point as well. In fact, some skills cooldown doesn't cap until 72k skill power (that is the point where all skills will be at the lowest cooldown of 20 seconds and Ultimates will be at 360 seconds). Others cap way earlier. Every skill has a hard cap at some point that is the same for all versions of the skill. For instance, Sticky Bomb caps at 250k damage no matter what version you use. To cap BFB it only takes about 45k skill power (less with mods for damage on gear). In comparison, to cap Proximity it takes right around 61k. Some skill are near impossible to cap like Sticky Bomb flashbang. It would take 450,000 skillpower and 36% sticky bomb damage on gear to cap the damage of flashbang.


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7 hours ago, Chuckles said:

Somewhere in Yelgis' heart is a tiny frustrated writer.

Drowning in blood.

I was bored at work. It was also apparently late because I made several grammatical and spelling errors.

5 hours ago, DukeSavesLives said:

I've had Predator drop consistently from HVTs. Probably the second-most dropped set piece of gear next to Lonestar. I've also had the other sets drop for HVT as well, to diminishing amounts. Either this is intended or they need to tweak the drop rates a bit more. 

All sets can drop from all activities. It was originally intended to be specific area's/activities for each, but they changed. Now it is just much more heavily weighted for some activities to give certain gear, which is what I listed above. 

The 1.1 sets (Striker, Sentry and Tactician) drop them most from Falcon Lost. They also drop decently as the rewards for the weekly HVT. 

The 1.2 sets (Hunter's and Predator's) drop mostly from Clear Sky.

Lonestar is mostly from HVT's 

Nomad and Final Measure are primarily DZ because they are geared toward PvP.

That doesn't mean you can't get the other sets from other places, but all evidence of it happening is anecdotal. For the best chances of getting what you are going for you should follow the above. Doesn't mean you won't get lucky elsewhere though. You will likely not find much Final Measure or Nomad outside of the DZ though. Think I have had one nomad piece from HVT rewards since the patch.

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@Yelgis you are my hero but also I have severe info overload. Skimmed it and will go into more detail while I am suppose to be working tomorrow. Kudos sir! Thank you!!! 

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