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Why your Gear Score is high and you STILL suck...

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Ok so just a catchy headline there, but... I hear randoms as well as those on TAG talk about they have been playing a while, but don't go into the DZ or haven't completed falcon lost or have problems doing the Weekly HVT missions etc. Here's why:

  1. Your play style needs to change
  2. Your talents are not set up right

I posted this on Reddit for my first post ever in The Division sub-reddit. Would appreciate any upvotes there.


The is an obvious one, but one that most people don't think much about. It is ok to run around the map or mission area avoiding enemies and unless there is a timer, no need to rush. Don't just charge forward and use the right trigger all the time. USE those RB and LB skills tactfully and lob those grenades to slow the enemies down or lock them in place. Damage is a secondary benefit of grenades and I get more use out of all the other grenades rather than the normal explosive grenade.

Heal yourself and others ALL the time whether you/they need it or not. This is part of utilizing the benefit of Triage talent explained below. But you have to remember to do this in the middle of heated combat, not just when there is a lull in the action or once the wave is over. ALWAYS throw out heals.

Don't be afraid to use your Signature skill and make sure it is set to Survivor. It has a long cooldown of like 5+ minutes, but on a mission or incursion that lasts 15-30 minutes you should use it once in the beginning and once later on. Coordinate this with your group so two people don't pop Survivor at the same time.



This is where I think most fail. The 4 talent spots need to be filled with stuff you use A LOT. If you aren't using your pistol to kill enemies more than half the time, why take up a slot that benefits you only on pistol kills/shots? Put something else in.

To be honest most talents in the Tech and Security columns SUCK. Medical is where 2-3 of my talents are when I PVE or PVP.

  • Everyone in the GROUP should have Triage to help allow you to throw out your skills more often. *MUST HAVE*
  • Anyone that is doing DPS should have 1 or 2 of these:
    • One is None - because it will allow you to shoot more bullets per magazine before needing to reload.
    • On the Move - Kill a hostile while moving to reduce incoming damage by 30% for 10 seconds.
  • The other 1-2 slots should be from the Medical column and is your choice depending on PVE or PVP: 
    • Battle Buddy – Revive a downed agent to reduce incoming damage by 50% for 10 seconds for both players.
    • Combat Medic – Use a medkit near allies to heal group members and proxies within 20m by 40%
    • Critical Save - Use a medkit during low health to increase damage by 40% for 10 seconds.
  • If you are doing a skill build or are trying to support other group members...
    • Strike Back (for Skill char) – Reach low health to reduce active skill cooldowns by 20%
    • Shrapnel (for BFBomb skill) - Applying Bleed to any target triggers a 30% chance to apply effect to all targets within 10m.
    • Chain Reaction (for BFBomb skill) - Damage multiple hostiles with an explosion to apply 40% more damage from the blast.
    • Fear Tactics (for Shock Turret skill) - Applying Shock to any target triggers 30% chance to apply the effect to all targets within 10m.

Try out the above settings and explain them to any randoms in your group and believe me you will notice a big change in your gameplay both in survivability, but also in how quickly you will down your enemies by using more skill and grenade attacks.


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The other reason is GS does not indicate good gear. You can have a low GS weapon with high dps, and vice versa. More important are the rolls of said gear than the GS itself; the higher GS just allows for higher potential roll stats. Particularly for the DZ, GS is not a good indicator of how big or little a threat anyone will be. This is why you'll notice most people will stand right next to you and go into the animation as if they're looking in their inventory. Don't be fooled - they're inspecting you. It's the only way to know for sure you're an easy target (or not). 

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5 minutes ago, DukeSavesLives said:

The other reason is GS does not indicate good gear. 

...they're inspecting you. It's the only way to know for sure you're an easy target (or not).

Yes, this is all the obvious Division stuff, but my point was overall pointed at people who have been playing and gathering gear for some time and becoming 'better', but STILL falling down all the time and/or not wanting to experience the other areas of the game.

What are they inspecting? My DZ rank? That number could show I am just good at farming AI in DZ6 in the 160-200 bracket...

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I think people don't want to experience the Dark Zone precisely because of how the Dark Zone mechanics are set up. It's skewered highly in favor of troll-ish gameplay presently, and also highly discourages of solo gameplay. Statistically for any MMO, that's catering to a minority of the PvP population, particularly for a casual game like this. Now that we have HVTs, there's also much less reason to go into the DZ aside from mods as HVTs presently provide the fastest, most guaranteed way to gear up. 

I know that's why Deaper and I aren't interested in going back into it. It's not an efficient or fun use of our time.

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