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We are a 21 and older multiplatform gaming community comprised of people from all walks of life, playing all sorts of games!
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Spread across all three platforms, TAG has an excellent representation in Bungie's newly launched Destiny 2 title. We're active and passionate about our space raiding, but laid back enough to take anyone.
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    • BDaddyK

      New to TAG? Start Here!   08/01/17

      Welcome to TAG! Our community encompasses all aspects of gaming, from Consoles, PC to mobile and handheld, we love all facets of gaming.To become better acquainted with the community a great place to start is with an introduction: Hello! My name is...   Here at TAG we strive to be an all inclusive community where adult gamers can share their passion for all types of gaming. We want TAG to be a great place for all of our members, and for them to enjoy their time here. To that end please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for our community:  TAG policy and guidelines   Thank you, TAG Council
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      T-SHIRTS are LIVE!!!   09/18/17

      We have new TAG T-Shirts ready to go!!!   https://shop.spreadshirt.com/TheAdultGamer/   LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT! 15% off with coupon code: welcome-100206469
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TAG Discord Channel and Commands Guide

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TAG Channels Guide

General Channels
#last-post-wins : free for all, anything goes, barring content restricted in the rules above. 
#nintendo-general : all things nintendo gaming
#ps4-general : all things ps4 gaming
#xbox-general : all things xbox gaming
#pc-general : all things windows/mac/pc gaming

Topical Channels
#beer-and-spirits : alcohol and such
#books : page-turners only plz
#destiny : ghosts, guardians, and grinds oh my!
#fitness : bro do you even lift?
#food : grillathon extravaganza
#gems-of-war : our most successful puzzle to date
#guns : show your arsenal
#halo : Teabaggin' good times
#music : now with 110% more Spotify
#music-requests : bot commands for music only
#poe-diablo-coop-mmos : cooperative grinding simulators only
#pets : test out your r/aww pics here
#overwatch : You play to win!
#sithposters-anonymous : NSFW and memes channel
#sports : your very own ESPN station
#starwars : Have you heard the tale of Darth Plagueis?
#retro-gaming : prehistoric gaming experiences
#tag-kids : too cute for facebook
#tv-and-movies : film critics anonymous

Temp Channels
#spoilers-ep8-the-last-jedi : Episode 8 Star Wars spoilers
#spoilers-marvel-mcu : Marvel Cinematic Movie Universe spoilers
#spoilers-thrones : Game of Thrones spoilers
#fantasy-football : current season FF lineup

TAG Discord Bot Commands

Commands Available Everywhere

Gif Commands
   !2lewd - way too lewd
   !approve - you approve
   !badman - you're a very, very bad man
   !bird - I'll flip you. I'll flip you good.
   !biteme - I'm biting you. 
   !comehere - Pretty please? 
   !damnit - This sucks. 
   !dave - I can't do that. 
   !delete - Delete this. 
   !dickbutt - Stevie's dream come true.
   !doit - if you don't, who will?
   !doubleflip - so many tables, so little time...
   !eww - why would you even post that?
   !facepalm - Picarding all over your table. 
   !fiesty - Too much to handle. 
   !fiteme - Come at me bro. 
   !getpwnt - You lose. 
   !girlyfists - Like, totally, okay?
   !hahano - Not that funny.
   !high5 - Brofive, amirite?
   !holdhands - s-senpai, plz?
   !ineedsomebody - if you need a hand
   !komg - I'm shocked. Just shocked. 
   !kpopsnipe - too sexy for you to snipe.
   !lastfuck - there it goes!
   !leaving - I'm outta here. 
   !levelup - congratulations! you dinged!
   !lewd - lewd, but I like it.
   !lies - damn, dirty lies. 
   !love - here, have my heart.
   !nicocri - Nico is sad. :(
   !nicolove - Nico loves you! <3
   !niconii - Nico Nico Niiiiiiiii
   !nicoshock - Nico is shocked 0.o
   !no - No. Just no. No. No. No!
   !nobodyhome - I'm all alone.
   !nooo - Darth Vader nopes out.
   !nope - kgirl is not impressed
   !nosebleed - Roshi's on the lose
   !noticemesenpai - but I won't.
   !nya - it's a trap
   !omg - Oh. My. God. Really??
   !pout - Hmph!
   !quit - but we won't let you.(edited)
   !rage - angry, angry pandas
   !roshi - Who's this perv?
   !rude - Srsly that's rude.
   !rusrs - because I'm not.
   !shame - Where's my shame bell?
   !shia - Just do it!
   !shylewd - there's more than one way to be lewd.
   !tableflip - I flip your table!
   !tableunflip - Stop flipping tables!
   !thatshot - it really is
   !trap - it also really is
   !trapped - you're in too deep
   !trigger - Stop triggering me
   !twss - you should know this one
   !ubocry - don't make him
   !uboslap - savage beast
   !whatevs - eh
   !why - WHY U DO DIS
   !yes - affirmative, captain

   !rank - Get a player info and rank
   !levels -  Get a link to the server leaderboard

   !join - Makes me join your current voice channel
   !next - Makes me jump to the next song in the queue
   !play - Makes me play the next song in the queue
   !leave - Makes me leave my current voice channel
   !playlist - Shows the songs in the playlist
   !stop - Makes me stop playing music
   !add - name_of_the_music Adds a new song in the queue

   !anime - anime_name 
   !manga - manga_name 
   !youtube - video_name 
   !urban - dank_word 
   !pokemon - pokemon_name

Destiny Channel Only Commands

 Action Commands
   >cake - you offer cake to @
   >cuddle - you cuddle @
   >glare - you glare @
   >highfive - you high five @
   >hug - you hug @
   >kiss - you kiss @
   >pat - you pat @
   >pet - you pet @
   >poke - you poke @
   >punch - you punch @
   >slap - you slap @

Reaction Commands
   >confused - you are confuzzled
   >lewd - too lewd for you
   >pout - pouting like a mofo
   >smug - the smugliest of smugs

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