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Season 12 - Starting out Right (Challenge Rifts and Leveling Guides and Methods)

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So I have a little time now, so I should be able to play some this season.

I noticed an interesting thing with the Challenge Rifts and seasons while refreshing before S12 starts. Completing the challenge rift gives you a reward once a week that contains 4.6 million gold, 300 blood shards and 15 of each bounty material as well as a decent stack of each crafting mat and some forgotten souls. 

Needles to say this is amazing for a fresh season and it is confirmed that it works. Apparently the weekly resets on Tuesdays per blizzard maintenance/timer fetish. Season starts on a Thursday this time so just don't do the challenge rift before it. As long as you complete the challenge rift after season has begun you can claim the reward on seasons.

So seasons starts, you create your character and then just go do the challenge rift. Lag back in to your level 1 and become 4 million gold richer.

Here are some resources for leveling at the start of Season.

Guide showing starting sets, journey info and such:


Guide for methods of leveling from grinding massacre to rifting:


Guide for leveling builds for each class and what skills to use each level:


Here are some other useful sites:

Season Journey tracker you can enter in what you have done:


Difficulty information:



That last one is really useful for deciding if it is worth jumping up difficulty because it shows you the xp gain for higher levels and you can base your decision of that and how much longer kills are taking you.


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Oh just another tidbit, you can do the challenge rift in a group. Makes it much easier to beat the timer.

In other news, I picked up the Necro pack while on sale and now plan to start out as Necro after I discovered they can early gamble the Corpse Explosion gloves. 

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Good news the Challenge rift is cake. I didn't actually run it, but I logged into it to check what class and skills were used. It is a Helltooth Garg WD with shortman's and the Wall of Death bracers in cube with plenty of toughness items. 5 mins and 17 seconds to finish it. Should be a cake walk even solo and a 4 man party should trash it.

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