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Dr Superb

Does anyone play Fortnite?

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NobleMatt and I have been playing the battle royale mode.  It's been rather frustrating for me, because I suck at it so bad and I only get to actually fight for about 30 seconds each match.  Been thinking about picking up the full game just to get used to the gun mechanics and working on my aim.

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I have it too but I am in the same boat as Havoc - I am pretty terrible at surviving any encounter with an enemy player in it.

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so i picked it up today on ps4 and was playing a bit. 

out of 10 games i got 3 kills. which is not that bad for me in these types of games. 

i finished in the top  10 in a few just by hiding and sneaking around.  i think this would be more fund as a group.

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anyone up for playing on xbox sometime soon?  new map update just came out.  i can't take playing with the GP anymore.....

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