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  3. PUBG

    what i am saying is when i see "X to Interact" i hit X and nothing happens. i have to hit it like 15 times for any action to happen.
  4. PUBG

    Then it doesn't literally take 15 seconds, unless you are referring to a 15 second timespan in which you opened a door and picked up some items. http://xboxclips.com/HYBR1D+HAV0C/d99b1fa1-99c3-4b9d-be67-052f87e1f3cb Here is a clip in which I open doors and pick up items, among other things. I use both the "look at item and hit X" technique and the "inventory pickup vicinity" technique. Also worth mentioning that this clip was taken prior to the most recent update, which has further reduced the rubberbanding effect seen at the start of the game in this clip.
  5. PUBG

    i'm hitting X just like anyone else would
  6. PUBG

    It doesn't take 15 seconds. The only way I can feasibly see it taking 15 seconds is if you are disconnecting your controller after every interaction. So I asked if that is what you are doing.
  7. PUBG

  8. PUBG

    Are you turning off your controller after every interaction?
  9. PUBG

    Fortnite is still a billion times better. i still can't pick up weapons / open doors. literally takes at least 15 seconds. Also, why are these items so hidden on the floor? perhaps its because i am color blind, but in fortnite you can see the items glowing by their rarity color.
  10. PUBG

    I agree and playing the heck out of it.
  11. PUBG

    Last two updates have really improved the game a ton!!
  12. PUBG

    After this last update, the game is much improved. The addition of aim acceleration option, the new controller preset option, getting the pistol off of the Y-button rotation, and the general improvements in rubberbanding and game crashes. 5 updates in already.
  13. PUBG

    I’ve only played for a few games all spaced out by significant time due to workl. But what i’ve noticed is that they are constantly updating the game. Still very disappointing presentation and tough centrols but the thrill of the hunt and being hunted and squad play make up for all it’s negatives, I think that Xbox is hearing us and constantly pushing updates through,
  14. Official Game Clip Thread (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

    Call of Duty WW2 game play recorded on PS4 during Team Death Match featuring a funny sticky grenade kill on the way to reaching max level and my first Prestige rank
  15. Official Game Clip Thread (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

    Call of Duty WW2 game play recorded on PS4 during a Kill Confirmed match where I earned my first Merciless medal for a 10 enemy kill streak
  16. Earlier
  17. I set a goal to reach 100k gamerscore!

    How are you making out?
  18. PS4 Warframe

    I just went back to Warframe (PS4) after my disappointment with D2 and Star Wars.
  19. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome! It appears that we are already friends on XBL. While I don't get into any sports games, I do take part in our weekly Halo night. Also been playing a lot of PUBG lately. If you ever see me on in a party or alone, feel free to join or send me a party invite.
  20. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to TAG!
  21. Hey!

    Welcome to TAG!
  22. Howdy from Alabama

    Welcome to TAG!
  23. Hello

    Welcome to TAG!
  24. Howdy from Alabama

    Welcome to tag!
  25. Hello

    Welcome to tag!
  26. Hello

    Welcome to TAG! Since no one else has seemed to enticing it, try heading over to our Discord server, it's a bit more lively. :)
  27. Hello

    Welcome! Definitely check out the discord. All the cool kids are doing it.
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