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  1. Yesterday
  2. Does anyone play Fortnite?

    I tried watching your stream last night for a bit havoc, but i got bored fairly quick cause you guys were just running around pick-axing stuff
  3. Does anyone play Fortnite?

    I have it too but I am in the same boat as Havoc - I am pretty terrible at surviving any encounter with an enemy player in it.
  4. Does anyone play Fortnite?

    NobleMatt and I have been playing the battle royale mode. It's been rather frustrating for me, because I suck at it so bad and I only get to actually fight for about 30 seconds each match. Been thinking about picking up the full game just to get used to the gun mechanics and working on my aim.
  5. Back after a year+ away

    Welcome back man. Hope you're liking Berlin. Given the time differences I doubt we'll be playing much together (plus I never picked up Destiny 2) but if I'm ever online at the same time playing something you have, I'd be down to play together.
  6. Battlefront 2s unlockable hero

    Just when I thought the story had died down, especially since the game was supposedly released either yesterday or the day before; lookee lookee folks:
  7. Back after a year+ away

    I remember you :)
  8. Battlefront 2s unlockable hero

    I mean, it's possible things could change in the industry, but my cynicism says it'd need more than just an outcry against one game to do that. COD WW2 could use a similar response with many of the epic, heroic, and legendary weapons being locked behind lootboxes but the fanbase there says it's not the same because they're just weapons, not hero classes. EVE-Online fanbase says skill injectors for characters are not the same because it doesn't guarantee winning, thus it's not really pay-to-win. I think the better course of action might be for gamers to write to their senators and congressmen about their concern of this being "online gambling", which is illegal for many states, but then that'd introduce government regulation into game development which I know quite a few wouldn't be a fan of.
  9. Last week
  10. Back after a year+ away

    Welcome back!
  11. Battlefront 2s unlockable hero

    Then I guess it's a good thing I'm moving toward the indies then.
  12. Back after a year+ away

    Hey, welcome back dude!
  13. Back after a year+ away

    Welcome back!
  14. Battlefront 2s unlockable hero

    BF2 is not even close to the most egregious example of loot boxes. Not even close. Look to games published from companies in China and South Korea for that. This isn't something new that's happened in the gaming industry but has been around (and accepted by certain sectors of gaming, namely sports, digital TCG, MMOs, MOBAs, and mobile) for a long time now. It only is perceived this way because it's being done with a beloved, long-standing IP with an audience (FPS gamers) that hasn't yet been slowly conditioned to accept this behavior as the norm. The reason why this happened is because it's already been an accepted norm in other areas of gaming and because it's been more profitable than the actual boxed games sales by an incredible margin, which means that to game publishers and shareholders, gamers have already voted with their wallets on spending money on loot boxes. If that hadn't been the case, this whole scenario would have never happened. Companies don't like taking risks with well-established, super-popular franchises first - they save that experimentation for other things. And sadly, anything European legislative bodies do will have zero effect on us here in the states, just like all their antitrust legislation and consumer advocate policies bare no weight on companies here.
  15. Back after a year+ away

    I was wondering where you had been! I am playing Destiny 2 on XB1X but I am not sure our times will sync up! I will keep my eyes out for ya though.
  16. Back after a year+ away

    Hello TAGers, After being gone from the site for a little over a year, I thought I should post in this thread now that I am back. The reason for the hiatus is that my wife and I moved to Berlin, Germany! Needless to say, it has been a pretty big change and taken a little bit of time to settle. But now that we are pretty well adjusted, and some major games have [or are about to] come out, I am ready to come back and be part of the TAG community again. I first came to TAG during the heydays of Halo 2 and Halo 3. And per usual, you will still find me most active in and around the Bungie FPS portions of the site, so now Destiny 2. Though once Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out, i'll def be active there too. Am digging the new look of the website. The T-shirts look snazzy too. I appreciate all the work that folks put into the site. It makes me jazzed to be active again. EDIT: Also, I should note that Berlin is on Central European Time (CET), which is 6h+ of U.S. EST and 9h+ of U.S. PST. So gaming for me in the peak East cost primetime hours is not really an option. That said, any folks who are more daytime gamers [or night owl pacific coast gamers] should work. Schöne Grüße aus Berlin !
  17. Battlefront 2s unlockable hero

    I worry about the "going forward" aspect of this. Battlefront 2 is thus far the most egregious example of the loot boxes, but it's only going to escalate. Belgium opening an investigation (the UK is already undergoing a similar one, if reports are accurate) will start putting an "eye of Sauron"-like focus on the AAA gaming industry as it is now & hopefully put a kibosh on this "pay to play" thing that they're doing. At the very least put labeling on the game that says "digital gambling component". Parents that see those words on a gaming label will not want their kids coming close to anything like that, which will also have the effect of forcing the AAAs away from such practices... if the parents are true parents that is.
  18. Battlefront 2s unlockable hero

    At this point even if they change the whole system and do away with the time gate on earning credits I will not be purchasing the game. It's just a sad way to ruin a awesome game that I was super pumped to get. I won't even buy this game when it is on sale later on.
  19. Battlefront 2s unlockable hero

    As of yesterday: The upper one interests me the most, if they do something it might get the ball rolling for the west to follow suit.
  20. Battlefront 2s unlockable hero

    That's nothing, wait until Activision's patent goes through, if it hasn't already. YongYea can explain it better then I:
  21. Battlefront 2s unlockable hero

    I caved when they waved the white flag in temporary truce and disabled microtransactions until a further time period. The campaign is utterly amazing and brilliant. I have not been this happy playing a Star Wars game since the Jedi Knight/KOTOR days. They put a LOT of hard work and lore love into this.
  22. Gems of War on Xb1

    Myself or Powerdriven.
  23. Does anyone play Fortnite?

  24. Been a long time

    Sup dude!
  25. Does anyone play Fortnite?

    Well, anyone? I've been playing the past few days and its a lot of fun!
  26. Battlefront 2s unlockable hero

    holy shit, that's just wrong. so disappointed...
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