TAGCast is a bi-weekly discussion over gaming news, community updates, and other random shenanigans.  Get to know the TAG community members a little bit better.  Talk about the podcast or make suggestions on our Discord in the podcast channel.

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213 - The Best Xbox Showcase for a Dollar

Hop and Fen are joined by Cowboy Raptor. We share our reactions to the Xbox Game Showcase from this week. Plus we try to recruit another member of TAG to join the show next. Will he?

212 - The Great UBOing

2020 has been a year already. Maybe we can turn things around by having Ubo on the show. We talk the news, game releases for July, and discuss an important topic. Visit TheAdultGamer.com and join the discord today to join the fun!

211 - WarLokk Goes Speed Dating

This episode of the TAGCast, Hop and Fen are joined by WarLokk. Little did he know that things would heat up between him an Hop leading to a whirlwind ride. We discuss many things including our thoughts on the PS5 reveal and some game industry What ifs. Join us at TheAdultGamer.com and in our discord.

210 - It is your duty!

Hop and Fen and joined by one of TAGs Call of Duty experts. Fen takes a moment to get serious, Hop gives us the games of June, and the whole crew dive deep into Call of Duty.

209 - Punching and Cussing

We have a special treat for you this episode. Mouth Music Hop is back along with the special guest BdaddyK. We get into the finer points of the Beat 'em Up genre with a discussion of Streets of Rage 4 among others.

208 - Welcome to Feningrad

Fen is now in charge of everything. Somehow he was elected to Council and isn't sure how he got there. Hop rests his pipes (and your eardrums) but brings Primordial G00 on to help Fen figure out his new overlordness.

207 - License to Game

Powerdriven joins Hop and Fen to give them a driving lesson that takes us back to the days of Arcades. We also discuss some of our proudest gaming achievements and learn that you can play games in your Tesla.

206 - The Console Wars - Round 1, FIGHT!!

Ok it really isn't a fight, but Hop, Fen and guest host Stevie Knuckles discuss what it would take for them to jump over to the other console. We also get into more news about the Series X and what blows smoke up our skirts on the PS5. Stevie is left a little heart broken, and the Panda debate is not dead yet!