TAGCast is a bi-weekly discussion over gaming news, community updates, and other random shenanigans.  Get to know the TAG community members a little bit better.  Talk about the podcast or make suggestions on our Discord in the podcast channel.

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3.05 - Just the Two of Us

Just Hop and Fen for another episode of the TAGCast. We chat about what we are playing including Season 2 of COD:BO and the Outriders Demo. As always we get into the news. Come join our discord today at TheAdultGamer.com!

3.04 - A Stolen What?!

naMofNi and Zelq get their feet wet in the guest chairs of the TAGCast. We dive deep down the rabbit hole of being a collector; the good, the bad, and the weird. Come join us at TheAdultGamer.com and our discord server!

3.03 - Love the Smell of Napalm

BDaddyK joins the show dropping some fresh napalm for us all! You get napalm! You get napalm! Everyone gets napalm! We also discuss the news, what we are playing and get into what makes a game replayable! Come join us in our Discord at TheAdultGamer.com!

3.02 - 2021: A Remaster or a Remake?

Hop and Fen are joined by the magnificent Ubo. We get into the news, remakes or remasters, and we share the games of 2021 that have us hyped. Join us in our discord at TheAdultGamer.com!

3.01 - We're Doing a Podcast!

Welcome to 2021! New Year, New Season of the TAGCast! Hop and Fen are excited to kick off another year of the TAGCast with guest hosts Stevie Knuckles and Cowboy Raptor. News, Playlists, and GOTY discussions are overshadowed by M&Ms. Come join us in our discord at TheAdultGamer.com!

2.23 - Take A Drink

This episode Hop and Fen are joined by WarLokk and Sithy. We recap the news, start a new drinking game, and talk about the joys of beta testing games we pay for. Come join us in our discord at TheAdultGamer.com!

2.22 - Massive Peanut Butter Everyday

This episode of the TAGCast is brought to you buy 'Massive Peanut Butter Everyday'. Get you some today! Deadmeat joins the show again, this time it works.. I promise.. He answers a very special community question. We also talk tribalism and games. Come join us in our Discord at TheAdultGamer.com!


The day has come, the PS5 and Series X/S have been released into the wild. Hop and Fen are joined by Cpt Carunch and the paradox that is Ubo. We discuss our initial impression to our new consoles. Come join us in our discord at TheAdultGamer.com today!