TAGCast is a bi-weekly discussion over gaming news, community updates, and other random shenanigans.  Get to know the TAG community members a little bit better.  Talk about the podcast or make suggestions on our Discord in the podcast channel.

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218 - Satisfaction Not Fully Guaranteed

This episode Hop and Fen are joined by AreUDead. We mourn the loss of Eddie Van Halen and get into the news. We take a deep dive into games you've been hyped for but was ultimately let down. Come join us at TheAdultGamer.com and become a member of our discord today!

TAGCast MiniDose1

As requested by TheTamzilla, Hop and Fen hit you with a mini dose of TAGCast. We quickly react to some of the biggest news in the last week. Playstation Price and Preorder, MS buys Zenimax, and our Xbox Series X preorder shenanigans. Let us know if you like the MiniDose! Come join the fun at theadultgamer.com and in our discord server.

217 - Cold Fishsticks

Hop and Fen bring on the Call of Duty enthusiast, McSwitch, to go deep into COD: BOCO. We also give our reaction to the Xbox news. Come join the fun at theadultgamer.com and make your way to our discord. *show was recorded before the PS5 Showcase, sorry..

216 - The Horse Died of Dysentery

This episode Hop and Fen are joined by new TAG member FallenAztecRonin. We start you off with some news and let you know what you can play this month. We end things with the real question, Do you need a next gen console? Like we haven't talked about it enough..

215 - Halo Delayo

Summer is starting to wrap up, games are starting to come out.. Wait we are in the season of delay now. Hop and Fen are joined by Anthem to discuss the delays, specifically Halo. Come join us on our discord at TheAdultGamer.com.

214 - That's what she said!

This episode Hop and Fen are joined by Tamzilla and Willowstar. We enjoy a mailbag question and talk the news. Finally, our deep dive goes into the life of a female gamer. Go to TheAdultGamer.com and join this discord today!

213 - The Best Xbox Showcase for a Dollar

Hop and Fen are joined by Cowboy Raptor. We share our reactions to the Xbox Game Showcase from this week. Plus we try to recruit another member of TAG to join the show next. Will he?

212 - The Great UBOing

2020 has been a year already. Maybe we can turn things around by having Ubo on the show. We talk the news, game releases for July, and discuss an important topic. Visit TheAdultGamer.com and join the discord today to join the fun!