TAGCast is a bi-weekly discussion over gaming news, community updates, and other random shenanigans.  Get to know the TAG community members a little bit better.  Talk about the podcast or make suggestions on our Discord in the podcast channel.

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007 - The Curse of Ubo

The TAGCast hosts have a detailed discussion of Microsoft console and service rumors, Borderlands 3 rumors, and the actual price of a new season pass. There's also a discussion of some new releases and game updates before the playlists and community updates. Unfortunately, this week's deep dive - AKA Ubo's Package - was lost due to a technical mishap. We blame Ubo.

006 - The Very Special Episode

Fenrir and Mellified host an intervention for Hoptimus' Crack(down 3) addiction on a very special episode of the TAGCast!

005 - Are We "Better Together" Yet?

The guys are joined by studknckl to discuss the news, Nintendo, and recent multi-platform service announcements from Microsoft and Epic.

004 - How much wood would a wood truck truck?

Tamzilla joins the crew for a fun-filled episode of sharing our playlists and a discussion of gaming communities. Join the fun at TheAdultGamer.com!

003 - Are Your Emotions for Sale!?

The show roster expands by one with the addition of Hoptimus as a permanent host and hybridhavoc as this episode's guest host. The crew discusses nostalgia as a marketing tool and the games that have them excited for 2019!

002 - Revenge of Hoptimus

Hoptimus returns to the guest host chair while the group discussed the game awards, Forza Horizons 4 Fortune Island, Call of Duty Black Ops IIII 1.10 update, a review of the Monitor IO, and which game franchises need to be brought back?

001 - Pilot

The first episode of the TAGCast. Join our hosts Mellified, Fenrir, and special guest Hoptimus as we discuss recent gaming news, updates from The Adult Gamer community, and our favorite games of the year.