TAGCast is a bi-weekly discussion over gaming news, community updates, and other random shenanigans.  Get to know the TAG community members a little bit better.  Talk about the podcast or make suggestions on our Discord in the podcast channel.

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Not the Best Choice, It's the TAG Choice

In a world... filled with podcasts... four men take a journey... to discuss... the news... and The Outer Worlds!

022 - Gaming for Mental Health and Sandwiches

In this very, very special episode our heroic hosts go on a quest to bed the news maid, explore the playlist, and slay the mental health dragon!

021 - No Shirt, No Pants, No Online Service

studknckl joins the usual suspects to talk about the gaming news, October releases, Borderlands 3 settings, and to apologize for all things Nintendo!

020 - GearsLand 3/5

Our intrepid adventures brave the News, delve into their Playlists, and write a love letter to Borderlands 3!

019 - What Really Grinds My Gears

The hosts are not joined by naMofNi as guest host this week. They rally to overcome the crushing disappointment. The discussion covers news, releases, and a touching Gears of War retrospective.

018 - This is Always so Hard

Our fearless heroes are joined by Duke to do battle with bugs, talk waifus, and cover all the news from Gamescomm. There's contest drama and touching personal stories and just regular touching too!

017 - Dolby Arrrdio

The usual suspects and Fireman Batista chat about headsets, gaming audio, and surround sound. The crew also covers EVO 2019 news, upcoming releases, and an unexpected community question is answered!

016 - Richard can't shoot fast enough

Just call me Tip joins the fray this week as smoking, consoles new and new again, games, Minecraft, and the idea that we're all getting a little old to shoot it out with those whippersnappers!