Discord Ranks

While we welcome all adult gamers, we also make use of a variety of ranks on our Discord server.  Some of these are based purely on activity within the Discord, and others are ranks associated with management of the community.  Below there is a breakdown of those ranks.

Level ranks are earned through making posts in the Discord.  As you level up, your rank levels up with you.

  • Newbie.  The rank of newbie is assigned as soon as you reach level one.  This means you’ve stuck around long enough to make a few posts.
  • Regular.  You receive the rank of Regular once you reach level 5.  By now you’re making friends and getting to know the community.
  • Member.  By level 10 you’ve begun to make yourself a memorable part of the community.  You’re a member now Harry!
  • Shitposter.  At level 20, you’ve either been with us for quite a while or else you’re posting more than is healthy.  You’ve unlocked the secret #sithposters-anonymous channel.
  • Jabber Jedi.  By level 35 you’re a staple of the community, and you’ve probably stopped keeping track of these ranks.
  • Needs a Hobby.  By reaching level 50 you have put almost everybody else to shame.  Good job, now you’ve upset the children.
  • FFS STFU.  Seriously.  STFU.  By level 75 we’re definitely tired of hearing from you.  This requires tens of thousands of posts.

VIP Ranks are earned, in different ways, through voting by other VIP members.

  • Mason.  The Masons are our core strength.  Once a user has reached the Member status, that user becomes eligible for entry into the Masons.  Current Masons go through a round of nominations and voting to induct new Masons.
  • Elder.  The Elders are those members that have served as members of the Council in the past.  They’ve been around.

Somebody’s got to keep this place in order.  There are only two roles designated specifically to managing the community.

  • Champion.  The Champions are hand-picked members of the community that have demonstrated an eagerness to go above and beyond for the community.  The Champions serve as assistants to the Council, moderators, and just generally examples of what we look for in exemplary members.
  • Council.  Members of the Council are the current head honchos, guiding the community and keeping the lights on.  There are three Council positions.
    • Community Admin.  This Council member manages the rooms and roles within the Discord server.
    • Member Coordinator.  This council member handles Mason and Council elections, and heads up moderation within the community.
    • Technology Admin.  This Council member maintains the website, manages web service accounts, and provides for the community’s technology needs.

Council elections take place annually, and each Council gets to select their Champions given that the desired members are willing to take on the responsibility.